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Go on the internet and look up FIG - Federation Internationale de Gymnastique.

This is the governing body of gymnastics worldwide.

MAG = Men's Artistic Gymnastics

Go to the Code of Points for MAG and it details every legal skill in gymnastics.

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Q: What are the activities performed on the still rings in artistic gymnastics?
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What is used in Artistic Gymnastics?

Still rings, uneven bars, high bars, parellel bars, pommel horse and vault.

What are the different areas in gymnastics?

For rythimic gymnastics there is ball, hoop, ribbon, freehand and clubs. For artistic womens there is beam, vault, uneven bars and floor. For artistic mens there is rings, vault floor, paralell bars, mushroom and horse.

What are the types of gymnastics?

Artistic Gymnastics: -For Women : Uneven Bars, Floor Balance Beam, Vault -For Men : Floor, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar Rhythmic Gymnastics (usually women): ribbon, clubs, rope, hoop, ball and sometimes floor routine (called Free (routine)). Trampolining and Tumbling: individual, synchronized, double mini and power tumbling. Acrobatic Gymnastics (aka Sports Acrobatics) (you usually do it in school, at least in France you do) Team Gym. Display Gymnastics Aerobic Gymnastics.

Rings or mat event in the Olympics?


What are the six gymnastic activities?

The events in mens gymnastics are the parallel bars, pommel horse, vault, floor exercise, high bar and the rings. The events of women's gymnastics are the balance beam, uneven bars, vault and floor exercise.

In what sport would you use beam and rings?


Differences between school gymnastics and olympic gymnastics?

the different types are artistic and bendy gymnastics from the head coach of city of Liverpool gymnasticsAnswerThere is Artistic gymnastics(vault, uneven bars, beam, floor, rings, parrel bars, pommel, high bar), Rythmic( ball, ribbons, clubs), Acrobatics(groups and pairs throw people in the air, less dance than cheerleading),Arobic(energetic dancing with certain strength and flexibility requirements) General Gym(Fun Activities for all ages-may only be in Australia), Trampoling(includes Tramp; two rountines comprising of 10 skills performed on a big tramp, Double Mini; long-ish skinny tramp, run up, jump one skill is performed on the tramp, another other as a dismount) and Tumbling( really long strip of floor-slightly bouncier than an artistic floor-were up to eight skill are performed in a row with a run up to begin and the last skill landing on a mat at the end of the strip). As you can see I know a lot more about artistic gymnastics(which I didnt really go into), trampoling and tumbling. This is because I have done eight years of artistic gymnastics , three of trampoling and one of tumbling. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding these areas of gymnastics,Sarz_xo

Can women use the rings and parallel bars in gymnastics?


How high off the ground are gymnastics rings?

78 inches

What are the kinds of gymnastics and each meanings?

Artistic - Skills in a routine are performed several apparatuses (uneven bars, balance beam, vault, pommel horse, floor exercise, still rings, high bar, and parallel bars) Rhythmic gymnastics - Flexibility is combined with artistic dances and agility. Agility tested with difficult spins and equipment tosses (clubs, ribbon, rope, ball, and hoop) Aerobic Gymnastics - Strength is tested with a routine of difficult leaps, and presses. Acrobatic Gymnastics - Groups of 2 to 4 people work together to demonstrate extreme balances, lifts and synchronized tumbles. (Mixed Group, Women's Group, Men's Pairs, Men's Group, Women's Pairs) Tumbling - Tumbling passes only with added difficulty. Trampoline - synchronized or solo series of difficult flips performed on a trampoline followed by a stuck landing on or off the trampoline (double mini, pairs, singles).

What is gymnastics equipment called?

Asymmetric Bars, Beam, Rings and Vault

Different apparatus used in gymnastics?

There are a variety of apparatuses used in gymnastics. Some of these include the rings, the trampoline, the horse, and the uneven bars.