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the different types are artistic and bendy gymnastics from the head coach of city of Liverpool gymnastics

AnswerThere is Artistic gymnastics(vault, uneven bars, beam, floor, rings, parrel bars, pommel, high bar), Rythmic( ball, ribbons, clubs), Acrobatics(groups and pairs throw people in the air, less dance than Cheerleading),Arobic(energetic dancing with certain strength and flexibility requirements) General Gym(Fun Activities for all ages-may only be in Australia), Trampoling(includes Tramp; two rountines comprising of 10 skills performed on a big tramp, Double Mini; long-ish skinny tramp, run up, jump one skill is performed on the tramp, another other as a dismount) and Tumbling( really long strip of floor-slightly bouncier than an artistic floor-were up to eight skill are performed in a row with a run up to begin and the last skill landing on a mat at the end of the strip).

As you can see I know a lot more about artistic gymnastics(which I didnt really go into), trampoling and tumbling. This is because I have done eight years of artistic gymnastics , three of trampoling and one of tumbling. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding these areas of gymnastics,


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After the 1996 Olympics, compulsory was taken out. which means that you compete with a required routine which is the same as every other competitor. School uses compulsory while the Olympics now, use optional routines which means that you have a different routine than every one else. School gymnastics isn't as serious and don't compete at as much meets as the Olympics.

To go into Olympic Gymnastics you have to be trained in an Olympic gym. you go though levels of gymnastics until you are an elite gymnast,this mean you are at the level of which the olympics are at. You have to train a lot and it take extreme strength and agility.

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There is a huge difference between yoga and gymnastics.

Gymnastics consists of many different skills performed on different apparatuses (4 for women; Vault, Floor Exercise, Uneven Bars, and Balance Beam. 6 for men; Vault, Floor Exercise, High Bar, Parallel Bar, Still Rings, and Pommel Horse.) Gymnastics is mainly based on strength, power, flexibility, and determination.

Gymnastics originates from ancient Greece. Gymnastics is also about diet, exercise and hygiene, and the use of natural methods for the cure of disease.

Yoga originates from India. Yoga too advises about about diet, exercise and hygiene, and the use of natural methods for the cure of disease. Actually, yoga is not an exercise on physical level, it is a lifestyle to attain one`s physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual goal. There are many different styles. One has to look at the political system, standard of living and religious beliefs of India to understand this diversity.

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Q: Differences between school gymnastics and olympic gymnastics?
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