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78 inches

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Q: How high off the ground are gymnastics rings?
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Why the ancient pueblobuilt their homes high off the ground.?

why the ancient pueblo built their homes high off the ground

What is the basic of gymnastic?

The basics of gymnastics is pretty simple. To lift yourself off the ground, spin, and do that wacky stuff.

How high can your bumper be off the ground?

22 in.

Does gymnastics use force?

Yes, gymnastics does use force. Force is actually one of the most importan requirements in gymnastics. You need force to push up into a handstand, you need force to kick over in a backbend, you need force to push off the ground when you rebound, you need force for alot of things in gymnastics.

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They are 10 feet high off of the ground.

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In gymnastics what is a granger?

It usually is a back-pike on the high bar where you release off a front giants then grab the bar again.

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15 ft

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