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.free throw .shot made inside the 3-pt arc .a shot made outside the 3-pt arc.......

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Fouled inside the18 yard box in soccer

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Q: What are the Kinds of shots in basketball?
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Kinds of basketball shots?

Some words that describe the game of basketball are fast exciting best addictive and the team New York knicks.

How much shots can one shoot from the end of the basketball court in basketball?

About Two Shots

What are Chest height basketball shots?


Basketball foul shots?

Basketball foul shots are given when ou have the ball, and you are going for the shot, when you are fouled by the other team.

What does Seven shots in the paint mean?

Seven shots in the paint means, seven shots on the basketball court.

What is the oldest shot in basketball?

bank shots

Where can one watch crazy basketball shots?

One popular way to watch crazy basketball shots is to look for them on YouTube. By simply searching for crazy basketball shots on YouTube's website you can find an endless supply of entertaining videos.

What is BS in basketball?

BS is a statistic measure in basketball and stand for Block Shots

What are the different types of basketball shots?

The three types of basketball shots are: One-handed shot, hook shot, and the two-handed shot.

If you took 40 shots at a basketball game and you missed 30 percent of the shots what fraction of the shots did you miss?


What is a field gold in basketball?

A field goal is the number of shots you make out of the number of shots you take

What is one of the oldest basketball shots?

Hook shot

Is there one and one foul shots in pro basketball?


What is one of the oldest shots in basketball?

hook shot

How many blocked shots does Jarvis Varnado have as of 2012?

Blocked shots in basketball does Jarvis Varnado have as of 2012

What are kinds of gun shots?

Only one kind.

How many shots are given for a technical foul in basketball?


Will a girls basketball make more shots than a boys?


What does BS mean in basketball box score?

BS is a player's blocked shots, or how many shots they've blocked.

In high school basketball how many shots do you get for a technical foul?

you go on the free throw line and get 2 shots

What does BS stand for in basketball box score?

BS stands for Block Shots in a basketball box score.

How do you tackle in basketball?

You do not tackle in defense of basketball. You challenge or contest shots and try and pressure them to force them back.

If you shot the basketball 25 times and made 68 percent of the shots how many did you make?

You would make 25 * 0.68 shots; or 17 shots made.

Where can one view videos of incredible basketball shots?

There are a large variety of different places where one can view videos of incredible basketball shots. These places include, but are not limited to, YouTube and Veoh.

Funny Basketball Team Names?

Red shots Skyhawks Sherry!