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The Masters, US Open, The Open and USPGA Championship.

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2009-05-13 03:59:46
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Q: What are the Four major golf tournaments on the PGA tour?
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Are there professional senior golf tournaments?

Yes! it's called the senior tour, and it has many tournaments.

How many golf tournaments did Sam Snead win?

He won 165 professional tournaments, 82 of which were PGA Tour victories.

What golf tour is mathew goggin playing this year?

I would say he's trying to play in PGA tournaments or the PGA Tour of Australia.

How many major golf wins does Jack Nicklaus have?

18 wins on PGA tour, He also won 2 US Amateurs. He won 73 professional tournaments in his career.

What has the author George Peper written?

George Peper has written: 'Golf courses of the PGA tour' -- subject(s): Golf courses, Professional Golfers' Association of America 'Seven League Boots' 'Golfwatching' -- subject(s): Tournaments, Golf 'Story Of Golf' 'Grand slam golf' -- subject(s): Guidebooks, Golf courses, Statistics, Golf, Tournaments

How do you join Canadian golf tour?

In order to get on the Canadian golf tour you must first enter into a Canadian open tournament. If you win, you get a tour card with one year exemption. Another way is to plac top 10 in 3 consecutive tournaments.

How many golf tour has Tiger Woods won world wide?

Tiger Woods has won 92 professional tournaments.

What does Vr mean on golf hats of PGA Tour?

It's a Nike brand. Victory Red. Tiger Woods wears a red shirt for the final round (of four) during golf tournaments. Tiger wins a lot. Hence Victory Red, Vr.

How many tournaments did Roger Federer win in 2011?

Four tournaments. Doha Basel Indoors Paris Masters ATP World Tour Finals

How many tournaments did Tiger Woods play in 2008?

7 tournaments on the PGA Tour 1 tournament on the European Tour 8 total tournaments worldwide

When its the next tennis tournament?

There are tournaments everyday, yet not on the professional tour. The next professional tennis major and minortournaments can be seen on this website.

Where is the Champions Gate Golf Tour held?

The Champions Gate Golf Tour is held at Champions Gate Golf Club in Florida. The golf program is an exciting and unique junior golf program for ages 10-18. More than 5,000 boys and girls throughout the United States and Canada and in several foreign countries compete in official qualifying tournaments.

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