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Playing soccer you can use any part of your body but the hands and arms.

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Q: What are the Body parts used while playing soccer?
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What parts of the body do you us playing soccer?

you can use any part of the body as long as it is not your hands or arms(up to the elbow).

What are the body parts used while playing table tennis?

legs arms and a paddle its simple

Does playing soccer give you a nice butt?

no directly but when you are playing soccer you are being active and this is good for your body as a whole.

Is playing soccer exerciseing?

Of course. Exercise is when you get your body moving.

What are the Body parts used while playing tennis?

Shoulder wrist thighs knees abs ankles arms

Do soccer cleats protect the body when playing soccer?

soccer cleats are shoes for soccer if anything they protect ur feet but that's not what theyr for............

What two parts of your body can not touch the soccer ball?

Hands or arms.

How does playing soccer have an effect on your body?

playing soccer can build muscles and make you get short of breath. it cause nausea when hit in certain areas

What are the disadvantages of being a soccer player?

well your body might hurt after a few games you might also lose your breath while playing the game

If you are 15 what things should you have already mastered in soccer?

You can't master soccer. You need to have the body fitted where you are playing.

What sports require the most skill related fitness and why?

soccer you use most body parts

What are the drawbacks of playing Soccer?

The drawbacks of playing soccer mostly relate to the physical aspect of the game. People are likely to get injured at some point during their career, and it is also hard on the body to run as much as soccer players do.

What body part are you NOT allowed to use in soccer?

Only the goalie can use his hands - but all other body parts are usable for players.

What skills does soccer enhance?

It gets ur body pumped and u have a good time playing

Why do you get tired fast when playing soccer?

The human body is composed of muscles (and all else). When you use those muscles they need oxygen. Playing "soccer" raises the muscle usage. Alas, you get tired!

What two things have to be in sync while playing golf?

During a golf swing, the two key body parts that must stay in sync are your hips and shoulders. A broader term would be your uppper body with your body. Another two important body parts that need to be in sync are your hands and shoulders too.

Distinguish between class insecta and class arachnida?

insecta have two body parts while arachnida have three body parts.

Can you use elbows playing soccer?

Well there are two parts- If you arm is away from your body (outstretched, then no, unless you are a goalkeeper. If you arm is by you side (so if it wasn't there it would hit your chest), then yes, but it's not advised.

What parts of the body can the soccer ball touch without getting a penalty or foul?

Anywhere except the hands or arms.

Should 5 year old boys wear cups while playing soccer?

I would say no. Soccer is a sport where there isn't much body contact, and if somehow a ball would hit him, I don't think it would be powerfull enough to do any kind of damage.

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Asher and all of the other kids are playing with each others body parts.

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Something that calls into your body while you sleep and eats all your body parts and kills you.

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Is Guitar Hero good for your body and mind?

While playing guitar hero, your body is a temple.

What is the move called in soccer when a player illegally uses their body to prevent another player from playing the ball?