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United, Albion, Forest, Rovers, City, County, Athletic, Hotspur, Villa, Wanderers, Palace, Argyle, Town, Rangers, Wednesday, orient, Alexandra, Dons, Stanley, Celtic (as in farsley), green, Spartans, Moors, Motors, RMI, Borough, That is 26 in my count in all the English divisions.

Ok, whilst not disputing the above are correct, there are at least two, possibly a third league clubs missing from the list.

The first ever winners of the league in 1888, were Preston North End, also missing are Port Vale, and depending on the question posed Dagenham and Redbridge maybe considered a third, although Redbridge is undeniably a place, so not including place names ignore it, if the question posed wanted just endings i would include it.

I would up the answer to 29 endings now of which 22 (inc Dagenham & Redbridge) are league clubs.


North End is an excellent edition to the list however Port Vale is invalid as it is the only football league club to not actually feature an actual geographical place. This in turn eliminates Vauxhall Motors also. The Dagenham and Redbridge call is a dubious one and in my eyes is again, wrong. If including Redbridge, this opens the debate for the inclusion of Hove and other double barrel team names with regards to places. A further two to be included are Victoria (Northwich) and Harriers (Kidderminster) who for a further piece of trivia are the only club in English and Scottish football to feature 5 R's in its team name.

Port Vale are not the only club without a valid geographical place name. Queens Park Rangers are another

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Villa, Borough, Town, City, United, Athletic, Academicals, Argyle, Wanderers, Albion, Hotspur, Rovers, Palace, Forest, Rangers, Orient, Wednesday, Dons, Stanley, Alexandra, County, Vale, North End.

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Q: What are the 23 different name endings in English football clubs?
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