What are sports teams in Colorado?

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Broncos, Rockies, Avalanche, Nuggets.

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Q: What are sports teams in Colorado?
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How many teams are in Colorado?

There are 13 Colorado sports teams and 8 college Colorado sports teams

What are Colorado sports teams?

Denver Broncos, Colorado Avalanche, Denver Rockies,

What is the nickname of the University of Colorado' sports teams?

The Buffaloes

What are some popular sports in Colorado?

Colorado has several popular sports. They include American football, baseball, basketball, soccer and ice hockey.These are the professional sports teams located in Colorado:Denver Broncos (NFL)Colorado Rockies (MLB)Denver Nuggets (NBA)Colorado Rapids (MLS)Colorado Avalanche (NHL)

What are some pro and college sports teams in Colorado?

Colorado and Colorado state universities, Colorado avalanche (hockey) Colorado Rockies (baseball) Denver broncos (football) Denver nuggets (basketball)

Who is stadium announcer for Super bowl?

Allen Roach. He is the staduim announcer for the Colorado Avalanche and other Colorado teams. He is also a regular on 850KOA Denver news and sports channel.

What are the major sports teams in Wyoming?

Wyoming has no major sports teams.

Are there famous sports teams in Wyoming?

There are no Professional Sports teams in Wyoming, however there are some famous sports teams including the University of Wyoming Cowboys.

Where does team sports?

are you asking what sports have teams

What are nevada's sports teams?

No Professional sports.

What are some sports teams that begin with the letter C?

Cincinnati Reds;Chicago Cubs;Colorado Rockies;Cleveland Indians;Chicago White Sox;

What sports have teams and what sports do not have teams?

tennis,table tennis,soccer,swimming,netball and so on are have teams and you could do these in by your self

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