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No there are not

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โˆ™ 2012-11-06 17:11:07
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Q: Are there any acting colleges in California that have sports?
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Are there any colleges in California where the curriculum is based on the bible?

There are several christian colleges in the state of california. Schools like California Christian college center their curriculum around the bible.

What colleges could you go to for acting modeling and music?

To be a model, you do not need to go to any school or college or receive a degree/diploma/certification. For acting it is best to go to an acting school or a university that has a good TV and Film acting program. For music you'll want to find a school/college with a music program. If you want to do acting, modeling and music there are a number of schools that cater to the all-around entertainer. Look for performing arts colleges to help you out in this respect. Also find out what area of the U.S. you'd like to go to college in. New York and Southern California have some of the best performing arts schools.

Are there any rules in Acting?

it depends what type of acting. Normally, like in films, not really but in things like theatre sports there are. try searching for it.

What are all the sports you can do in California?

California's terrain allows for any kind of sports. It's location near the water allows for the water sports, the northern part of the state receives enough snow to support winter sports, and the temperatures are nice enough to safely do outdoor sports like cross country as well as indoor sports available in any other states.

What are the top colleges in Los Angeles?

California has some of the best colleges in the country. The University of California system has many strengths, and California has both strong liberal arts colleges and private research universities. The 12 top colleges listed below vary so much in size and type of school that I have simply listed them alphabetically rather than force them into any sort of artificial ranking.

Do actress have a college degree?

Yes now a days there are various colleges which provides a graduation degree in acting. Many famous actors have opened their own colleges. Anupum Kher has his own school for giving degree for acting. If you want to take more information about any college or university of India, just go

Is American sports university accredited?

American Sports University in San Bernardino, California is not accredited by any organization recognized by the Department of Education.

Where can one apply to study Communication Arts in California?

Any of the colleges in California have Communication Arts programs. Different colleges have better rated programs than others, so it's good to shop around to find a college program that fits your individual needs.

How many pro sport teams are there in California?

18 professional sports teams in California. 8 more than any other state

Any auditions for acting or modeling in san Pedro California?

I really think that their should be acting classes for kids. They want their dream to come true like mine i want to be an actress. I entered this acting school it was all a spam

Are any of the Pac-10 colleges private?

Yes, Stanford University and the University of Southern California are both private schools.

Are there any colleges or university nearby to Berkeley CA?

Yes. They cleverly obscured the fact by naming it the University of California - Berkeley.

Are there any nutritionist schools in California?

Most, if not all colleges offer a degree program in nutrition. Find a school that is close to you that you like.

What colleges in California have division 1 mens's soccer?

Well I researched the question and i could't find any colleges had a division one soccer team. Sorry, well I hope someone else could find the answer to your question.

Any colleges that have animal majors in California preferably southeren California?

i have been looking for the same thing, and I've found that UC Davis and Cal Poly Pomona offer great programs that have to do with animal majors

Are any the forces acting on the freezer balanced?

are any the forces acting on the freezer balanced

Are ther any all white colleges?

No, there are not any all white colleges. Public and private colleges are all equal opportunity colleges, which means they accept students of all races.

Are there any free colleges in California?

Any California resident of at least 6 months can get a free education to any public California college as long as they are accepted into it. California also has a program called ROP (Regional Occupational Program) that allows you to receive training in a particular vocation. This training can last anywhere from a few months to a little over a year. It is free as well, however you would receive a certificate not a diploma as it is not college.

Are there any sport or activities starting with a?

sports / activities beginning with A: * archery * acting * art * art collecting * aerobics * auto refurbishing * antique collecting * autograph collecting * auctions

Is action acting is more subtle than dramatic acting?

Action acting is just a form of acting that can be used for any acting style such as a drama or comedy.

Where is actress Roz Kelly (Pinky Tuscadero Fonzie's gf on HAPPY DAYS) living and is she still acting?

As far as we know, she is still alive, but she has not done any acting in at least the past fifteen years. When last we heard anything about her, she was living in North Hollywood, California.

Can you start acting at 14?

You can start acting at any age :)

Are There Any Black Colleges In The Bronx?

Since there is no segregation, the colleges are open to all.

What colleges will accpt cornerstone diploma?

are there any colleges that will accept cornerstone diploma's

Did Jeff Kinney participate in any sports?

no he did not do any sports