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Wall Downball [Rebound Handball]: The Victorian [Australia] Wall Downball (now 'rebound handball') Association ran championships in the game during most of the 1980's.

It is basically wall handball, but the ball must bounce once on its way to the wall.

It must also bounce no more than once before the opponent returns it.

An extremely popular school-ground game in its day, Victorian physical educator, Denis Towers, formalized the game and established the association in 1981.

Some casual, low-level examples are on YouTube, under "Extreme downball" or 'wall downball'

Grappleball [now Grappaball - also known as Grabbaball]: In 1999, this same educator invented a team game that could be considered a type of [formalized] "Keepings off" game, with goals at each end about half the width and half the height of soccer goals. One can move the ball down the small 40 metre field (goaline to goaline) any way one chooses - running, kicking, throwing, or striking of the ball. Tackling is permitted, but not so as to "cause" the opponent to go to the ground - which is called "scragging". Violation or dropping of a player who is holding the ball incurs a free ball to the opposing team 10 metres closer to his goal.

Goals can be scored from in front of goal, but also scored from Behind the goaline (ie back through the other way!) - from within the 'end zone' [grid iron] or 'dead ball' area [rugby] ... so one constantly has to be on their toes for all sorts of plays in this game!! The only limitation on goaling is that the ball must be projected through the goal, not grounded by hand.

When play is interrupted or the ball goes out of play, the game resumes using a 'grapple toss' between the nearest 2 opposing players with a 4 metre clearance in all directions, including from any boundaries. In this function of the game, the Referee holds the ball between 2 opponents and drops it - they each grab the ball and pull it from one another.


They tell me it's 'wicked'!

You can score a goal from in front OR from behind the goal! as the end line goes about 10 yards past the point of goal.

If a pitched up ball travels more than 20 yards in the air and is then caught [a "mark" is then awarded to the catching player], the catching player has the right to an immediate 4 yard clearance to decide what he/she wants to do with the ball for 5 seconds.

You can run the ball down the field but it must touch the ground every 4 steps or an opponent must tackle you before you continue running. You can either bounce it, or bend and touch it directly onto the ground.

Balls that go out of play or re-start the game are started 10 feet in from the sideline where it went out with a 'grappletoss', or in the centre at the commencement of each half and after a goal is scored by tossing it up in the middle, where, again, only 2 opponents compete.


Where balls go out of play, the nearest 2 opponents to the incident face each other, with hands about 2 inches from the ball which is held by the umpire; the umpire lets go of the ball, then each tries to grab it and get away from the other or pass it to a teammate.

Teens just love it.

You can tackle to stop someone from running with the ball, but you must not CAUSE them to fall to the ground - the main aim is simply to stop the opponent so as to grapple for the ball - so that the tackle is just the first step to help you get your hands on the ball. Then like 'keepings off' you try to come away with the ball. Up to 2 players per team can be involved in the grapple with hands on the ball at any one time.

Infringements of rules are treated as in the "mark" situation.

Elbows, knees or misbehaviour is warned first, and then sent off the 2nd time.

It is generally set for about 8 to 10 players per side over an area not much bigger than a Basketball court - possibly 40 yards from end line to end line, but shorter for inside play, but we have also had many more players than 10 per side.

So it is quite adaptable.

If you don't want boys tackling girls, you just play 'touch', and the person touched must pass the ball.

It is safe enough to play indoors or out.

In 2012, Denis Towers revamped this game. Examples of the newly-constructed GrappaBall are on Youtube

One starting pointTry putting "unusual sports" into Google and you'll come up with plenty of informative sites.
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Q: What are some unusual sports and how are they played?
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