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all sports

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Q: What are some sports played in Montenegro Europe?
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What are some of the sports played in the Midwest region?

What sports are played in the Midwest

What are the national sports of Europe?

As Europe is a continent and not a nation, it does not have a national sport, however some of the most popular sports across Europe are soccer, rugby, tennis and snooker.

What sports were played in the 1300S's?

Some sports that were played include Backgammon, Chess, and Jousting.

What are some sports played in Canada?

Some sports played in Canada are tennis, lacrosse, Skii/snowboard and others. Canada has so many sports played that is hard to name them all.

What are the sports originated in Europe?

A lot of sports originated in Europe and were the sources of development of sports in other parts of the modern world. Many of the ball sports around the world originate from sports in Europe. American Football is similar to Rugby. Baseball is similar to cricket and rounders. Australian rules football is similar to Gaelic Football and Rugby. Games like hockey, have similar games in Europe, like Shinty and Hurling. Golf and Tennis began in Europe, as did soccer. Some forms of horse racing began in Europe, like Steeplechasing. All of these and other sports came from sports in Europe, and some of those can trace their heritage back further to very ancient sports in Africa and Asia.

What are some of the sports played in China?

most of the sports in the U.S

What were some of the sports that Emily Dickinson played?

No she did not play any sports

What were sports played in the Revolutionary times?

Baseball, Billiards, and fencing are some sports that were played in revolutionary times

What are some columbian sports?

Some sports played in Columbia are baseball, basketball, football, and soccer

What is spourt?

I am assuming you mean "sport." This refers to a physical activity that often involves competition. Some sports are played by teams, such as football or basketball, while others are played by individuals such as tennis or golf. Some sports are played for fun, by people who like that activity and treat it as a hobby; other sports are played by talented athletes who are paid for their skills. Sports that are played for money are often called "professional sports," while sports that are played just for enjoyment are sometimes called "amateur sports" or if they are played at a university, they may be called "collegiate sports."

What were some sports played in the 1600s?


What are some of the sports played in Bolivia?


What are some sports played in paraguay?


What are some sports that are played in Spain?


What are some sports that are played in Taiwan?


Did indianas of the northwest coast tribe play sports?

yes they played sports some Indian tribes played lacrosse

What are some sports played in Bangladesh?

Kabaddi, football, cricket, chess, hockey are some popular sports in Bangladesh.

What were some of the sports played during the Renaissance?

Soccer and violent sports were very popular.

How many name of sport in Europe what are they?

There are a huge amount of sports played in Europe, too many to mention. Some of these would include soccer, golf, horse racing, athletics, sailing, rugby, tennis and many, many others.

What are some sports played in Nepal?

Basketball, football and cricket are some of them

Where were sports played in the 1500s?

they had different sports then we have now but some sports are the same

What are some of the popular sports played in Kenya?


What of some sports Australian people played?


What are some official sports played in Canada?


What are some sports played during autumn?