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Q: What are some sports cuba plays?
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Related questions

What are some customs and traditions of Cuba?

commuinism;sports,and music

All the sports played in Cuba?

Many American sports are played in the streets of Cuba like Baseball, Basketball , and Soccer. Boxing is a very popular sport in Cuba but Cuba has many water sports such as windsurfing, snorkelling, diving, surfing and fishing.

How many people in Cuba actually participate in some form of sports each year?

I don't know exactly the amount of people that practice them every year, but I can surely tell you that everybody is involved in some form of sports in Cuba due to our active character and everlasting enthusiasm, despite the struggles faced everyday. The national sport of Cuba is Baseball though, as you may know. For more details about sports in Cuba,refer to the sites in the related links.

What are some unusual sports in cuba?

they have some weird things over ther. but the most unusual is probably soccer

What do people do for a living in Cuba?

the thing people do for a living in cuba is sports

What are major sports in Cuba?

Cuba's most popular sport is baseball.

What are some of the sports that Greece plays now?


What are all of the sports that Justin Bieber plays?

Some sports he likes to play are basketball, golf and skateboarding

What are some Greek sports?

Some fo the sports for Greeks sre the sports today. Also during the time of like Homer the poet Greeks considered plays and music a sport.

What sport do they play in Cuba?

BoxingBaseball in CubaStreet Sports in CubaWater Sports in CubaAthletics in CubaAssociation football

Popular sports in Cuba?

boxing and baseball.

Why is Cricket not a popular sports in Cuba?

Cricket is an english sport

What are some major sports Spain plays?

Futbol!! Go Barcelona!!

Name some of cuba's sports?

Baseball, football, boxing,basketball,soccer,windsurfing,snorkelling,diving,surfing,fishing

What sports do people do in Cuba?

Cuba is a bad, bad nation because communists are bad because america says so. sports are illegal there because communists outlaw fun and sports are generally percieved by the governing authorites as fun.

What sports does Cuba play and watch?

nothing interesting

What are the sports of Cuba?

The national sport is baseball, although other ball sports like soccer are practiced.

What country plays the most sports?

America plays the most sports out of all the Countries.

What are some acadian sports?

we mainly have any sports that anyone else plays like soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, volleyball and things like that!

What does a sports athlete do?

a sports athlete is a person who only plays and cares about sports.

What are the most popular sports in Cuba?

Baseball, Jai Alai, and boxing.

How many jobs involve sports?

Around 17. 18 if your from Cuba.

What are sports that Mexico plays?

Mexico basically only plays 2 sports, mainly soccer but also baseball.

Which country plays the most sports?

The United States plays a larger variety of sports than any other country and has the most amount of people playing the sports.

What sports are played in Cuba?

Baseball, Jai Alai, and boxing are the most popular.