What are all of the sports that Justin Bieber plays?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Some sports he likes to play are Basketball, Golf and Skateboarding

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Q: What are all of the sports that Justin Bieber plays?
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What are all the instaments that Justin bieber plays?

Justin Bieber plays the guitar, drums, trumpet, and piano.

What is justinj Bieber like football?

Yes Justin Bieber enjoys playing all kinds of sports. Source - A Justin Bieber magazine about him

What are all the sports Justin bieber play?

soccer and hockey

Would Justin Bieber a 12 year old that has brown hair blue eyes pretty nice and plays all sports?

Sorry, but probably not. Justin Bieber is 17. He could be your friend, but I doubt he'll date a 12 year old. Plus, Justin is dating Selena Gomez..:\

What imstrument can Justin bieber not play?

he plays: piano guitar drums trumpet that's all

Who Is hotter the miz or Justin Bieber?

justin bieber all the way

Do all the girls think that justin bieber is cute?

Justin bieber fans do

Does Justin Bieber fall in love easily?

I don't know but if you have any way to talk to Justin Bieber then ask Justin and it seems like Justin Bieber does because of all the girlfriends he had and what all and I mean all of his are about. =]

How to be Justin Bieber's ultimate fan?

Go to all of his concerts & have all of Justin Bieber's products out there in your home!

Do you like Justin Bieber yes or no?

Yes I love Justin Bieber I would do anything 4 him nope sry all u Justin bieber fans nope, hate him with all my heart, srry Justin bieber fans

What did Justin Bieber achieve?

he achieved singing playing the piano guitar and drums he basically plays all instruments

Does Justin bieber like latin girls?

Justin Bieber likes all girls