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quarterback, runningback, shooting guard

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Q: What are some position played by an athlete in a sport?
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What is someone when the do sport for a living?

A Sportsman but it some people say it by the sport they do for example If someone played football you may call them a football player If someone was in the olypmics you may call them an athlete ect

How long do athletes train?

The amount of time that an athlete trains varies greatly from athlete to athlete. Some train for up to 30 years depending on the sport and some barely train at all

Can Harry Potter be classed as a Athlete?

In some ways, yes. He does play Quidditch, the magical sport, so I guess he can be classed as an athlete

Why are drugs in sport illegal?

Some drugs can ruin the physical well-being of the athlete

What are some ways an athlete can provent sport injury?

Wear proper padding and stretch before running

What are jobs that involve sports?

Besides obliviously being a professional athlete in any sport, all sport commentators have some kind of athletic background. Coaches are usually athletic.

How does weight effect sport?

that's depense what sport some sports it could make you slow some it could help sometimes it also depends on what position you are

What is the most common sport played in America?

The most common sport played in America is Football. Some may say basketball, golf, or baseball. But the most common sport played in America is Football!

Why do some athletes use steroids illegally?

because they suck at the sport so much that the player or athlete needs a boost to make them semi avrage players who get caught and get kicked out of the mlb or any sport

What are some of the sports played in Germany?

Football (soccer) is the only sport commonly played. There is no such things as lacrosse or baseball. Fencing is also a common sport.

What is the position athlete in football?

Athlete is a hybrid position involving catching,running, and returning the ball. The Athlete can line up offensively in the backfield, the slot, or wide out. He can take a hand off, pitch, reverse, and even throw the ball in some cases. The Athlete will also be used in on special teams as a return man. They may also line up in special situations to try to block the opposing teams punt or field goal attempt.

What were some famous athletes in the 1940?

Jodhan Singh he was the man star for every sport he actually played for each sport and teams from each sport

What are some popular sports in Venezuela?

baseball is the most prominent sport in Venezuela. But football is another sport that is played as well.

What sport was originally played by native Americans?

Lacrosse is based on a similar game played by some Indians.

Why athletes wear sneakers for sport?

Sneakers or Athletic shoes are sometimes needed for better performance for the athlete but also for protection for the athlete but in some cases, some athletes prefer bare feet than any athletic shoes, i.e. some long distance runners and some, though no longer, American football kickers.

Which sport is played on astroturf?

Some American football fields are made of astroturf.

What was the first sport ever played in America?

The first sport ever played in America was lacrosse. It was played by early Native Americans. Some Native Americans believed playing Lacrosse had magical powers.

Is Iran participating in the 2012 Olympics?

Yes, Iran has an athlete in some sport at the Olympics in London. You can visit the Olympic site in London, the names of the athletes and the sports they see.

When is Shinty played?

Traditionally it has been a winter sport, but most games are now played in the summer and some in winter.

What are the consequences if an athlete gets caught taking drugs?

The consequences would depend on the type of drug and the sport the athlete is involved in. Each organization has their own rules. Most of them will take some type of action if the drug is a steroid. The athlete could be given a monetary fine, be prohibited from playing for a time, or another consequence determined by the organization.

What is the average weight of a professional athlete?

The average weight in a professional athlete all depends on who the athlete is playing for and where they are playing. They have some athlete's who only sit on the bench. This also depends on the weight and height of the athlete.

What was John Wayne's favorite sport?

He played some golf but I think he was a big fisherman.

What president of the US called for safety reforms in the game of football because of the number of injuries?

Teddy Roosevelt made some comments about the dangers in the game. Interestingly enough, Woodrow Wilson, who was not much of an athlete and certainly never played tackle football defended the sport.

What is a diet for an athlete?

Eat anything you want and some vegtables and be an athlete you'll do great

What are some sports that are not played in the US?

Any sport can be played in the US. Some that are rarely played are; Cricket Australian football Irish Gaelic football and Hurling Netball Rounders