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that you get to meet new people and see friends

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Q: What are some of the positives in playing sports?
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What are the positives of non-contact sports?

Non contact sports get you hefty in the gludius maximus area.

What are some positives of the census?

what are the positives of using census

Positives and negatives of television?

what are some positives and negatives of television

If you spend two hours playing sports- what percent of your day is devoted to sports?

At least 8.33%. But if you play sports for two hours, chances are you spend some time on sports when you're not playing.

What are some major activities in Greece?

Playing sports and playing Olympic games!

What are some of the benefits of playing sports?

yes,in track you compete in sports just as you compete in other sports like football

What are the positives and negatives of individual sports as a lifetime activity?

The positives are: fame, wealth, and popularity. The negatives are: a lame family life, no time to do anything else, some people will hold an eternal personal grudge against you for no reason.

What are some advantages of playing sports?

you will fit and your health will better

What were some positives about Andrew Jackson?

There are no positives about Andrew Jackson, he was stupid because he hated Indians.

What is the percentage of women playing sports?

What is the percentage of women playing sports?

Is playing sports in the rain bad?

No playing sports in the rain is more fun

What is the advantage of playing sport?

Some advantages of playing sports you can lose weight have fun and meet new people .

When did women start playing sports and what sports?

they started playing them in 1345 and those sports were gopher wrestling and beaver racing!

What are some activities that kids love to do?

Playing sports, playing with their friends, and being with their parents. See related links for some free ideas for kids.

What were some of Mickey Mantle's hobbies?

Collecting baseball cards and playing sports.

What are benefit for playing sports?

The benifit of playing sports is to get fit and live a longer life

How many people get injured playing sports each year?

it depends on how many people are playing sports.

Is sports the best?

It is, if you enjoy playing sports.

Disadvantages of sports?

the diadvanteges of sports is you might get hurt playing sports

What are some positives of being a republician?


What are some good facts about playing sports with bad grades?

Get your grades up! Da!

What are some benefits of playing sports?

Playing or doing sport helps you to get fit, it makes your muscles stronger and developes a healthy lifestyle

Do guys like girls who play sports?

Some guys find playing sports an attractive characteristic in a girl, but sadly, some boys feel that girls who play sports aren't feminine enough or feel threatened by her ability.

What do guys like doing?

Playing sports, watching sports, playing video games, and listening to music.

Is it normal to hate playing and watching sports?

It is not normal or abnormal. It is all in the personality. Some people may like sports some may not. So there is no way to really classify it has "Normal".