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No playing sports in the rain is more fun

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โˆ™ 2009-10-01 20:46:30
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Q: Is playing sports in the rain bad?
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What is sports science?

Sports Science is a TV show that shows you what really happens to people when they are playing sports and how bad it can be

What are the good and bad benefits of playing sports?

U can get the girls

How are steroids bad for you?

steroids are bad for you by when you take them while playing sports they make your heart beat faster and cause you to have a heartattack

What are some good facts about playing sports with bad grades?

Get your grades up! Da!

What is a Bad thing about sports?

it can kill you if u lose too much energy form playing

What is the percentage of women playing sports?

What is the percentage of women playing sports?

Why is rain bad?

rain is no bad it is good because it helps our enviroment grow.

How lifestyle factorsaffect sports performance?

if your lifestyle is bad then your sports performence will be bad

When did women start playing sports and what sports?

they started playing them in 1345 and those sports were gopher wrestling and beaver racing!

What are benefit for playing sports?

The benifit of playing sports is to get fit and live a longer life

How many people get injured playing sports each year?

it depends on how many people are playing sports.

Is sports the best?

It is, if you enjoy playing sports.

Disadvantages of sports?

the diadvanteges of sports is you might get hurt playing sports

Why sports adventure are bad?

Well sports adventure is only bad because it leads to casualties.

What sports you can't do at bad weather?

In bad weather you can''t do sports like soccer an football

What are facts about playing sports with bad grades?

. you can't play unless you have a 3.0 or higher . try to get good grades

Disadvantages of playing sports?

If you play sports, you either win or lose. Winning makes you feel accomplished, but if you're a bad team, you loose a lot. When you lose you dont feel very good.

What do guys like doing?

Playing sports, watching sports, playing video games, and listening to music.

What is the advantages of acid rain?

There is none. Acid rain is bad

Is acid rain a good or bad thing?


How many sports are Canada playing in the Olympics?

10 Sports

If you spend two hours playing sports- what percent of your day is devoted to sports?

At least 8.33%. But if you play sports for two hours, chances are you spend some time on sports when you're not playing.

How much time do people spend playing sports?

a love playing sports.i play sports all the time.

What are the pros and cons of steroid use in sports?

Pros: It can improove your playing Skilll It can help get you noticed because you are so dang good Cons: Its very bad for your body It can stop you from playing later on

What was the weakest storm ever?

A storm with no rain