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charge. reach.

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Q: What are some of the fouls during a basketball game?
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What does an official do in basketball?

To make sure the basketball game goes smoothly. Call fouls, when necessary. Although some officials don't call certain fouls simply because they may not have seen it.

How many fouls in basketball?

In most leagues it is 5 fouls until you are out. However, in some tournaments they can make up whatever rules they want so any number of fouls. But basically it is 5 fouls. -Kristen (I have played basketball for 6 years)

What are some Kentucky basketball jokes?

What has 114 legs and 15 teeth? Front row at Rupp Arena during a UK basketball game.

Is it a foul if you push someone in basketball if you are playing street?

In most normal street games, fouls are eliminated from the list of rules. Some street games have fouls, but the point scale is in street. It is mostly not a foul in most street games, because fouls do not exist in most street games.

How do you get fouls in soccer?

you get fouls by pushing, bad throw in's, and some other things... :)

For basketball are different rules used in different countries?

no, but in some countries you cant foul out and there are no technical fouls......... the world i wish i lived in......... anyway, in some countries only women play basketball.... as it says in the new movie: Maid of Honor

In a game of pool is scratching the cue ball repeatedly illegal?

In 9-Ball, some play that 3 consecutive fouls is an automatic loss of game.

What are nouns for basketball?

Some synonyms for the noun basketball are game, sport, activity, competition, ball.

What are some basketball songs?

Basketball-by Lil Bow Wow Get Your Head in The Game-High School Musical

Where do basketball players hang out after games?

After a game the basketball players always goes out to eat some place.

How many miles does the professional basketball player run in a game?

I watch on some basketball show that they run 5 miles during a game

What are some basketball cheers that basketball teams does before a game to get pumped up?

Go to youtube lookup team basketball pumpup rituals

How can you be better on offense and deffense in basketball?

If you want to better on offence then you will have to be good at dribbling and shooting. If you want to be better on defense then you cant be afraid to get hit or be afraid to make some fouls here and there.

Can you touch the backboard in a basketball game?

yes you can some of the layups basketball players do ends with a high five on the backboard

How can you appreciate the basketball game?

Play with some really skilled players.

What are some words that describe basketball?

Some words that describe the game of basketball are fast, exciting, best, addictive, and the team New York Knicks.

Equiptments of basketball?

To play a game of basketball, the essentials are a basketball goal/hoop, and ofcourse, a basketball. Some more things that help are tennis shoes, athletic wear, and other people...

What does flagrant foul mean in a basketball game?

purposely hit some one

How much do basketball player make hourly?

Some make $120,000 a game

Is basketball amazing?

yES, BASKETBALL IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! ---- Some games may be amazing, some may be boring. I personally LOVE basketball and think every game is amazing, but its all in your choice really.

What kind of equipment do you use for basketball?

All you need for basketball is two teams of eight people and two basketball hoops and a basketball The cloths to use in any game like some shorts and a tanktop

When does NCAA basketball 11 come out?

Ea has cancelled Ncaa basketball 11 sadly. But 2k might make some college basketball game but until then there will be no more college basketball video games. :(

What are some of the main rules in the game basketball?

Click on the 'NBA Rules' link on this page to see the rules and regulations of the National Basketball Association.

Kinds of basketball shots?

Some words that describe the game of basketball are fast exciting best addictive and the team New York knicks.

If I hike and later in the day play basketball will it affect my bball game?

Maybe. Sometimes you might get tired and need some rest before the game starts. If you don't feel tired you will have a very good basketball game.