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In 9-Ball, some play that 3 consecutive fouls is an automatic loss of game.

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Q: In a game of pool is scratching the cue ball repeatedly illegal?
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Is scratching the cue ball in eight ball on the break result in a loss?

No, a scratch on the break in 8 ball is not a loss of game - this gives the opposing player ball in hand behind hte head string. Under some rules, if the 8 ball goes in on the break and there is a scratch, it is loss of game.

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Illegal hits in volleyball: -Catching or holding the ball -Hitting the ball underhand with open palms -Throwing the ball -Changing the direction of the ball There is also a thing called a double hit, which is generally called on for setters, when the ball hits their hands at a slightly different time while setting the ball. However, double hits are legal on a team's first hit, but not on subsequent hits. Also, contacting the ball with any part below the waist is now considered legal.

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In the game of 8 ball or 9 ball, it is the number 8.

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