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What does the word Olympic mean

What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

How did the athletes prepare for the ancient olympic games

What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: What are some of the benefits of being an Olympic athlete?
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What character traits of an Olympic athlete needs to have?

There are various character traits that an Olympic athlete needs to have. Some of them include professionalism, self discipline, endurance and so much more.

Who are some athlete that compete at pole vault at the Olympic Games?

jordan ball

What are some benefits of being a aquatic scientist?


What were some of the drawbacks of a pharaoh?

what are some of the benefits of being a pharaoh

Why are drugs in sport illegal?

Some drugs can ruin the physical well-being of the athlete

What are not some benefits of being president?

it is a lot of presure

What would be some of the costs and benefits of being an apprentice?

being a slave and a servant

What would be some of the cost and benefits of being an apprentice?

being a slave and a servant

What are some jobs in Cordillera?

Well, there is forestry, mining, being an athlete and common jobs such as working in restaurants and being a clerk

Why are some people not allowed to use the Rio2016 hashtag?

The average person can. The Olympic committee banned all commercial non-sponsors from using the hashtag, or even making certain tweets about the Olympics this year. They advised if a company is sponsoring an athlete, but do not have an official sponsorship with the Olympic body, they cannot use copyrighted words and phrases such as Olympic, Olympian, Go for the gold, #TeamUSA, or #Rio2016. They have also been banned from referencing results or retweeting anything from an official Olympic account. They are also not allowed to mention Olympics in conjunction with any Olympic athlete that they sponsor. The athletes are also not allowed to publicly thank the companies that sponsored them. Oiselle was ordered to take down a photo of an athlete, because it had a small Olympic ring icon under her running number, as they said it was a copyright violation. The Olympic committee is accusing these companies of ambush marketing for using these hashtags. These companies are accusing the Olympic committee of being overly aggressive and bullying for not allowing it.

What are some benefits being a pediatrician?

Benefits of being a pediatrician include helping children, flexible career options and a high salary.

If you are an Olympic athlete do you have to be born in the country you play for or for example if you are Canadian and you get your American Citizenship can you play for the US in the Olympics?

There is no rule that says an athlete can only compete for the country in which they were born but there are some situations brought up in the Olympic Charter that would disqualify an athlete from competing for a country that they were a citizen of.Rule 42 of The Olympic Charter states that the International Olympic Committee has final say over whether an athlete may compete for a particular country. Section 1 states that an athlete must be a 'national' of the country they are competing for but, should there be a dispute, the IOC Executive Board shall resolve the dispute.By-Law 2 of Rule 42 states that an athlete who has represented one country in the Olympics and then becomes a citizen of another country must wait three years from the time they represented their old country before they can represent their new country.Click on the "Olympic Charter" link below to about the rules. Do a find on "Rule 42" to read the specifics about citizenship, or nationality, of athletes.

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