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Ping pong

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Q: What are some major sports in Singapore?
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What are the major conflicts in Singapore?

One major conflict of Singapore is that Singapore and Malaysia had some conflict about water - 40% of Singapore's water comes from Malaysia.

What are some major cities in Singapore?

Bedok, Seletar and Woodlands in Singapore.

What are the major rivers in Singapore?

There are many rivers in Singapore. Some of the major rivers include the Rochor Canal, Singapore River, Geylang River, and the Siglap Canal.

How do you join Singapore sports school?

How do i join singapore sports school?

When was Sports Museum - Singapore - created?

Sports Museum - Singapore - was created in 1983.

When was Singapore Sports School created?

Singapore Sports School was created in 2004.

When was Singapore Sports Council created?

Singapore Sports Council was created in 1973.

How many sports is Singapore going to take part in YOG?

Singapore will be hosting 24 sports.

What is Singapore's main sports played?

Singapore's main sports are swimming , diving , Gymnastics and boxing from what I have hearD!!

What sports are not found in Singapore?

Ice hockey and skiing is one of the sports not found in singapore. :) Hopes this helps.

What are sports not played in Singapore?

Anything with snow. Singapore has no snow.

What kind of Agriculture did Singapore have?

Singapore's agriculture is a big part of its economy. Some of the major agricultural products of Singapore are food crops, flower crops and fishing.

What are some of the major industries that sustain the economies in Singapore?

Child prostitution?

What are some major sports?


What are not some major cities in Singapore?

Seoul, South Korea, Shanghai, China are not major cities in Singapore (Improved answer) This is hilarious. This should be posted on a comedy show. I'm remembering this. (from another guy)

What are some major industries in Italy?


What are some major sports in Maryland?


How many sports car are there in Singapore?


What is Singapore's major international airline?


What are some major sports in Tennessee?

racoon hunting

What are Sweden's sports?

Kayaking, skiing, soccer, and tennis are some of Sweden's major sports. other sports are just like ours!

3 major resources for Singapore?

None. Singapore has no natural resources.

What sports cannot be found in singapore?

ice hockey

Is basketball available in Singapore sports school?


What are some of New Hampshire's major sports?

skiing hokey