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like any sport, Gaelic football gives good aerobic exercise, plenty of physical training etc

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Q: What are some health benefits of Gaelic Football?
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Are gumshields for Gaelic football?

Some Gaelic Football players may wear them. They are more commonly worn in Ireland's other main sport, Hurling.

What are the potential health benefits and risks of swimming?

what are some potential health benefits and risks of swimming

How many people are on a Gaelic football team?

A standard Gaelic football team has 15 players. There are what are called 7-a-side teams, but these are for some special competitions and are not a standard team.

What is the size of a regulation Gaelic football field?

There is some flexibility in how large a pitch has to be but Gaelic Football and Hurling are played on a pitch approximately 137 metres long and 82 metres wide.

What are some of the benefits of running for exercise?

The benefits are for better health and weight loss.

How did Gaelic Football get its name?

It is one of Ireland's two national sports. It is a game of the Gaels, some of the people of Ireland, and it is a football sport. Gaelic Football is a perfect description, much as other football sports and other sports that are named from the country or people that play it.

What are football colors of sligo?

Their Gaelic Football colours are black, with some white. Their soccer team normally play in red.

What teams play Gaelic football?

It would be impossible to give a full list. There are over 2500 GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) clubs in Ireland, many of which will actually have several Gaelic Football teams. Then there are teams in schools and colleges, some workplaces and of course the county teams. So there are actually thousands of Gaelic Football teams, from children to adults.

What are some Gaelic drinking phrases?

As far as Irish (Gaelic) the standard toast is "Sláinte!" (health) but check out Scottish Gaelic: "Slàinte mhath!"

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There are several benefits of having Health Net Insurance. Some of these benefits include emergency health coverage, coverage of newborns, prescription drug coverage, and adult and child preventative care.

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