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what are some potential health benefits and risks of swimming

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Q: What are the potential health benefits and risks of swimming?
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What are the health risks of swimming?

The only health risks associated with swimming is catching athletes foot.

Describe walking as a form of cardiorespiratory activity?

describe one form of cardiorespiratory activity and what are the potential health benefits and risks of this activity?

How do you get adipex?

Adipex is a prescription only appetite suppressant with both potential benefits and potential risks for the patient. See your doctor to discuss the risks and benefits for you as an individual. If your doctor authorizes a prescription, take it to any pharmacy to receive the medication. Take as directed.

How do you report each of the protential health and safrty risks you in care homes?

The employees are usually expected to report immediately to their supervisors the potential health and safety risks in their homes.

Which statements on a label link the use of a food product to certain health risks or benefits?

Health Claims

What risks are associated with health histories?

There are virtually no risks associated with obtaining a health history. Only information is exchanged. The risk is potential embarrassment if confidential details are inappropriately distributed.

By what means is a patient instructed as to potential benefits and risks of surgical procedures?

one-on-one instruction from a health care provider, educational sessions in a group setting, or self-guided learning videos or modules

Health benefits from strawberries?

The health benefits from strawberries include reduced risks of heart attacks,and reduced risk of stroke, cancer, blood pressure, and constipation.

What tasks relating to health and safety should not be carried out without special training?

How and when to report potential health and safety risks

Are there health risks for oxygen?

If flammable material is present, there is the potential for fire and thus burns.

What does research involving pregnant women require?

Consideration of risks and potential benefits for the fetus and the pregnant woman.

What are the health risks of radiation therapy?

The potential health risks from radiation therapy vary based on where and how much radiation is given. Some health risks are increased chance of getting different cancers, swelling, bowel troubles (including diarrea and bleeding), heart troubles, and decreased cognitive abilities.

Benefits & Risks?

“Benefits & Risks”

What kind of health benefits does lettuce have?

The kind of health benefits which lettuce have are that it helps aid digestion. It can also help reduce the risks of heart diseases, strokes and many varieties of cancer.

How do you address potential health and safety risks identified?

When a potential health and safety risk is identified it is important to address it right away. This corrective action should be swift and eliminate the risk that has been found.Â

What risks are associated with rectal resection?

Rectal resection has potential risks similar those of other major surgeries. Complications usually occur while the patient is in the hospital and the patient's general health prior to surgery will be an indication of the risk potential.

What are the risks and benefits of bariatric surgery for weight loss in obese people? This website summarizes all of the risks and benefits of going through with the bariatric surgery procedure.

What are some of the potenial benefits and potential risks of biotechnology?

In biotechnology, biological processes are used to manufacture products intended to improve the quality of life for humans. Some of the potential benefits of biotechnology are that there are lower production costs for the farmer, increased food production, and with the need for pesticides and fertilizers being reduced, biotechnology would be good for the environment. The potential risks of biotechnology include food safety risks, pests developing resistance to pest-resistant crops and/or changes in the nutritional composition in foods.

What are the potential benefits and risks of pilates activity?

Benefits of Pilates include: increased flexibility, athletic perfomance, balance, breathe and overall strength. Pilates provides a ture body-mind connection. When performed correctly with a proper traininer there should not be any risks.

What the health benefits of eating cabbage?

It is a natural contraceptive, people refuse to sleep with you, thus eliminating the risks of STDs

What are the health and safety risks when using computers?

The main health risk of using a computer are the potential harm to your vision and a risk of developing carpal tunnel of the wrists. Safety risks include someone getting ahold of your personal information that you have stored on the device.

Why are steroids banned in sports?

Anabolic steroids have been banned from sports because they provide an unfair advantage, but mostly because of the health risks. The potential risks to health include heart conditions, liver damage, reproductive problems, and psychiatric disorders.

Explain how and when to report potential health and safety risk that have been identified?

Potential health and safety risks must be reported immediately to ones supervisor. It is up to the supervisor to use the chain of command and as needed it will even be reported to government offices.

Is it scary to wear a tampon?

Some people may find it scary to wear tampons at first because they may feel uncomfortable with their bodies or scared of potential health risks. In general there's nothing to be scared of, even considering the health risks as long as you understand those risks and follow precautions risks are not that high, and as you're in control of insertion no reason to fear it.

What is the health benefits of apples?

Apples have many health benefits. An apple can help whiten teeth, prevent Alzheimer's, reduce risks of certain cancers, help with constipation, detoxify the liver, control weight, and boost immune system.