What are some gymnastics moves on vault?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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There is front handspring, Yerchenko, Kasumatsu, Yeo 2, Tsukahara, there are many others but these are just some of them.

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Q: What are some gymnastics moves on vault?
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Who invented the gymnastics vault?

Frederick Jahn invented the gymnastics vault.

What does gymnastics horsemeans?

The gymnastics horse is also known as the vault table. The horse is at the end of a run way to vault over.

What do you do on vault in gymnastics?

you flip over it

How big is the gymnastics vaulting table?

Gymnastics Vault is about 5 by 4.

What is the percentage of people doing vault in gymnastics?

the percentage of people doing the vault in gymnastics is 97 % :D hope it helps x

What is women's gymnastics?

Women's gymnastics is a sport in three categories, Artistic, Rhythmic and Trampoline. Artistic gymnastics has 4 events Beam, Vault, Floor, and Bars. Floor- You do dance and tumbling to music for 1min to 1 and a 1/2 min. Beam- You do dance and skills on a 10cm wide beam with no music. Bars- You do a series of moves connected on the low bar and the high bar. Vault- You run really fast and flip on or over the vault.

What is Nastia Luikin best at in gymnastics?


What are the dimensions for the vault in women's gymnastics?

1234 and it am

How is gymnastics made?

With gymnasts! You can use a beam, uneven bars, vault and floor. Edit: Some places do beam, floor, eneven bars, vault, and trampoline. :)

What are some events in the womens gymnastics stuff?

events include: vault, floor, beam, and uneven bars.

Who was the yurchenko vault in gymnastics named after?

Natalia Yurchenko

What tools are used in gymnastics?

In gymnastics they use uneven bars,the beam,floor exercise,and the vault