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Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4,

Not win, not lose, not tie the score!

Not top, not bottom, not in between,

So you better watch out cuz you're gonna get creamed!

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Clap your hands,

stomp your feet.

Our spikes can not be beat.

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ooh bro cuz uhh one is "if u die can i have your missus!" or g "My stoned cousin can run fasta den u cuz" chur bro motivate ur bros at ur sports day g cuz g

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Q: What are some good volleyball cheers and chants?
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What are some good cheers for volleyball but not really mean to the other team you got to show sportmanship?

any cheers!! if u hear any cheerleaders and hear there song use thoses but turn them around an use them for volleyball

What are some spike volleyball cheers?

S-P-I-K-E spike that volleyball (clap clap)

What are some short volleyball chants....some you could do on the flour?

well... I think "Patty Cake" would work very nicely on the flour

Are the cheers hard?

some cheers are hard it depends on how good you are :))

What are some good repeat after you softball cheers?

he we go team

What are some good chants for track and field?

Hey Hey You get out of our way Today is the day We will put you away!

What are some good cheers to teach to 11 and 12 years old?

make sure the cheers are short and do not have any complicated motions

What are some good volleyball cheers?

One for good serves is : We want another one just like the other one *stomp**stomp**clap*clap*over ! One for spikes is: You hit it , we spike it , that's the way we like it ! One for blocking a spike is : You spike it , we block it , that just how we rock it!

Is volleyball good for your health?

Pretty much any work out is good for your health. But volleyball tends to contain some jumps, which might not be suitable if you're overweight.

How do oi get more cheers and chants for your cheerleading squad?

Search the Internet. There are websites full of cheers and chants for any ang and sport. Here are some of my favorites: Like thunder and lightening -clap clap clap- We'll strike you down Cause the mighty mighty___________s -clap clap clap- Have come to town!! Hey you -clap clap- You know the story -clap clap- So tell the whole wide world This is __________ territiory -stomp stomp stomp- (stop while you say the last three syllables)

What are some good meals for before and after volleyball practice?

A go meal is some friuts,vetatables,or if its in the morning breakfast is good

What are some good volleyball clubs in San Francisco?

vision city beach