What are some good poems about volleyball?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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VOLLEYBALL My head is throbbing,

I can't see straight.

Our score is three,

Their score is eight.

We're down by five,

We're catching up.

My turn to serve,

Please don't mess up!

My serve is over,

To the right.

Out of bounds,

And out of sight.

"Oh no!" I yell,

The other team cheers.

Their turn to serve,

I'm close to tears.

Her back is straight,

Her arms are long.

Their score at eight,

But not for long.

The toss goes up,

The crowd looks down.

Her serve is short,

Her teammates frown.

Our turn again,

To serve once more.

It's in the air,

It hits the floor!

One point for blue,

Still down by five.

But not for long,

We're coming alive!!!

It's still our serve,

She throws it up.

What a curve!

Another point for blue!

Their faces blank,

They don't know what to do.

We got it back and won the game.

We stole the ball,

Put them to shame.

As you may see,

Volleyball is an intense game.

But when you win,

No one's to blame

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okay so these could go for anyteam but here they are :)

A person who said winning isn't everything obvisouly hasn't won anything.


Heres to the time we spent together i loved the team in the start & now i will forever i don't think next year could be better unless it was with you all because the memories we have will last forever


In the start we were apart now all of your names are written on my heart

{FOR A TEAM} my fav :)

heres to early mornings after late nights here is too coming to pratice late because of cat fights heres to wanted to quit the team because its screwing up my weekend & heres to wishing you could take it back & the team would never end .

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on the move




you'd better believe it





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kiss my ace

you can hit on us... but you can't score.

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You can think of some of the best parts of volleyball and think of some words that rhyme and you can write a poem

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Q: What are some good poems about volleyball?
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