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Sailboats have many "poles". The ones that I think you are referring to are the mast and the boom. The Mast is the Tall one that sticks up out of the hull. The is connected horizontally to the mast.

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Q: What are sailboat poles called?
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What are the poles called that are on a sailboat that holds the sails?

Mast (vertical, leading edge of sail), Boom (horizontal,bottom of sail), and a spinnaker pole if you use a spinnaker which is a sail type

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What is a Chinese sailboat called?

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What is the African sailboat called?


What does wires called 'stays' hold up on sailboat?


What is a sailboat with a triangular sail called?

It is called the lateen sail.

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What is a sail on a sailboat called? just said the answer. its called a sail

What is the top of a sailboat called?

That would be the deck.

A pole in the middle of a sailboat?

Is called a mast

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What is a sailboat's steer handle called?

The lever attached to the rudder is called a tiller.

What is it called when a sailboat tips over on its side?


A pole in the middle of a sailboat that holds up sails?

It is called the mast

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A pole on a sailboat that holds the sail?

The vertical pole on a sailboat is called the mast, but at the bottom of the sail is horizontal pole called a boom. On the Tall Ships, the horizontal pole AT THE TOP of the sail is called the yardarm.

What keeps a sailboat from tipping over?

A main longitudinal structure along the bottom of the sailboat called the keel. This is what prevents it from tipping over.

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What do wires called stays hold up on a sailboat?

The Mast

What are wires called stays on a sailboat?

Stays hold the MAST

What is a pole on a sale boat?

The pole on a sailboat is called the mast.