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Mast (vertical, leading edge of sail), Boom (horizontal,bottom of sail), and a spinnaker pole if you use a spinnaker which is a sail type

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Q: What are the poles called that are on a sailboat that holds the sails?
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A pole in the middle of a sailboat that holds up the sails?

It is called the mast

A pole in the middle of a sailboat that holds up sails?

It is called the mast

What is the pole on a sailboat that holds the sails?

boom or mast

The pole on a sailboat that holds the sails?

the single vertical pole is the mast

What is a pole on a sailboat that holds the sails called?

Masts, or see: a more indepth answer.

What does the mast do for the sailboat?

It holds (supports) the sails. You can also mount navigation systems on it.

A pole on a sailboat that holds the sails?

Mast, spar or boom all fit this description.

What is a pole in the middle of a sailboat that hold up the sails?

It is called mast.

Why does a sailboat sail?

its sails

How do you spell sailboat?

The correct spelling is "sailboat" (boat propelled by sails).

What pole is in the middle of a sailboat and holds up the sails?

The pole you are referring to is called the mast. If the boat only has one mast it is usually not in the middle of the boat but is normally found in the forward third of the boat.

Is a sailboat sails important?

Yeah!! What do you think they will do without them!

What is a pole called on a sail boat?

If you mean the vertical poles to which sails are attached, these are called masts.

How does wind affect the sails of a sailboat?

Yes! -Over time, they stretch!

What is the name of the tall poles to which the sails of some watercraft are attached?

Sails are attached to the mast.

How do sails on a sailboat work?

They act as aerofoils, much like the wings of an aeroplane, and work by the air pressure difference on the surfaces of the sails.

A sailboat is operating under sail at night?

A sailboat can certainly be operating under sail at night. Sailboats use their sails when there is enough wind to carry them.

If A sailboat sails down the James River due South at exactly 15 mph for 1 hour. Is the sailboat accelerating?

No. The speed is constant and does not change.

Why are ropes on yachts called sheets?

No , the sails are called the sheets. Wrong - the sails are called SAILS. The control lines to the sails are sheets.

What type of cloth is best for a sailboat?

Sail Clothe. It is a special kind of canvas made for sails.

What is the length of battens on a fj 13 sailboat?

19.75", 29.75", 20", for my van zant sails

What is a sailboat with an outboard motor considered?

A sail boat with an outboard motor is still a sailboat UNTIL the motor is turned on then it becomes a powerboat. A sailboat with it's sails up and the engine running is deemed to be a motor-sailer.

What is the price of an Optimist Sailboat?

Around 100 U.S $$$. I know this because I am a pro sailor who sails daily.

What is the definition of mast?

A pole on a boat that holds spars or sails.

What is a sentence for the word sale?

I want to look for a certain set of sails to be on sale at the sailboat show. Let's just go to the sailboat show and see what's on sale. The sailboat show's sale prices always make my heart sail.