What are ping pong balls?

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They are little plastic balls with air in them used to play ping pong.

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Q: What are ping pong balls?
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How many balls are in 1 gross of ping pong balls?

about 144 ping pong balls are in a gross.

How big would a triangular box need to be to hold 6 ping- pong balls 12 ping-pong balls and 24 ping-pong balls?

about 10cm2

How many ping-pong balls equal 1 pound?

A lot of ping pong balls

How many ping ping balls would it take to weigh one pound if the ping pong balls weigh one tenth of a pound?

10 ping pong balls

Do ping pong balls have siliconin them?

No they do not.

Who has the ping pong balls on total drama action?

Trent, and Duncan have the ping-pong balls and i think Harold does too.

World records involving ping-pong?

The longest time a person balanced a ping pong ball on the top of a handle was 56.37 seconds. The most ping pong balls held by a person was 96 balls. The most ping pong balls fired out of a mouth in 30 seconds was 50 balls.

Can ping pong balls lift a sunken ship?

Sure it can. But you'll need a lot a lot of ping pong balls- I believe the ratio is about 1 pound per 15 ping pong balls... then you can lift just about anything.

What Ping pong movies are there?

balls of fury

How many dots does a ping pong ball have on it?

0 - ping pong balls are solid in color with no dots

What type of gas are in ping pong balls?

Their is no gas inside of a ping pong ball. It is filled with air.

What would happen if you blew through a straw with two ping pong balls hanging?

There is insufficient information in the question to answer it. How are the ping-pong balls hanging? By what? Are they touching? What is the orientation of the straw with respect to the ping-pong balls? Please restate the question.

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