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Tennis ball

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2010-12-09 02:32:18
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Q: What ball bounces hightest tennis ball softball basketball?
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What ball bounces the hightest out of a Tennis ball basketball and a soccer ball?

a bsket ball bounces hightest then come a tennis ball and then a soccer ball

Which ball bounces higher basketball soccerball or tennis ball?

A tennis ball.

Which bounces higher a tennis ball or basketball?

it depends how hard the ball hits the ground a basketball would deffinetly bounce higher than a tennis ball

What ball bounces the highest Basketball Tennis ball Baseball Volleyball?

the ball that actually bounces the highest is a basket ball i tested it for school :)

What ball bounces the highest baseball basketball tennis ball volley ball soccer ball?

I think a basket ball bounces the highest.

What are some sports for girls to play?

Volleyball, Softball, Soccer, Tennis or even Basketball

What sports are there for kids?

There is Softball,Baseball,Tennis,Pingpong,Basketball,Scocer,Cheerleading,Football,and Golf.

What are sports for a school student?

The most common are: Track, baseball, soccer, volleyball, softball, basketball, and tennis.

List of ball sports?

There is basketball, tennis, soccer, volleyball, softball, baseball, football, croquet and I think that is it.

What type of sports do they have in high school?

Baseball, Football, Softball, Golf, Track, Tennis, Basketball, and Volleyball.

Sports that are played with balls?

soccer,basketball,tennis,football,golf,softball,baseball,rugby,and water polo

Which Sports use a round ball?

Soccer, tennis, water polo, baseball, volleyball, softball, basketball, and dodgeball.

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