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v ball is a fun sport that help you lose ur weight and makes u exercise also it makes a great game. the bad is that you can break a bone or might get hurt

mostly wrrist injuries

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Q: What are good things and bad things about volleyball?
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What are bad things and bad things about volleyball?


What kinds of volleyball teams are there?

good and bad ones.

What are the biggest things you need to learn to be good at volleyball?

The biggest things you need to learn to be good in volleyball is: Bumping, Setting, Spiking, Serving, and good sportsmanship.

Is volleyball good for your knees?

Volleyball is not good for your knees but its not necisarily bad for them either. Usually, volleyball players wear knee pads for protection, but without them, yes it would be bad. Volleyball is actually bad for your ankles. If you've ever seen volleyball players with black or gray braces on their ankle, it's because when they land, they unsettle the ankle bone and criteria.

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Is it bad to play volleyball with scoliosis?

yeah! It is good for your muscles and keep your body warm.

What are the equipment of the game volleyball?

Knee pads are a very good investment for indoor volleyball if you are playing competively...other more obvious things are a volleyball net and ball.

What things are used in volleyball?

A net, and a volleyball

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