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Also any food with alot of carbs like bread and pasta. I wouldn't eat any sugary foods like candy before the race.

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Q: What are good foods to eat before a XC 5k race besides pasta?
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What foods are good to eat before hockey sports?

chicken and pasta

What are three good foods to eat before being active?

pasta is good for tennis players High carbohydrate foods such as bananas. Pasta, Peanut Butter, Honey, Jelly Beans. Pasta and peanut butter would not be great because it is stodgy but apples and yogurt are good foods to eat before exercising.

What foods are high carbohydrate?

foods like potatoes, rice or pasta are all really good carbohydrates.

What is good foods when you run?

pasta rice and fish also try sugar in water

What foods should you eat before 800 meter race?

Runners like to eat a heavy carb diet before they have a race to run, they do not eat dairy because it is really hard to digest. Right before a race lots of runners like to eat bananas so they will not get leg cramps.

Do worm farm worms eat pasta?

No worms do not east pasta, in fact it's not good for worms they need to eat organic foods from soil.

What foods are good to eat before basketball sports?

good foods

Which foods are carbohydrates found in?

Carbohydrates are found in several foods, but some good sources are: pasta, potatoes, rice, fruits, oatmeal and bread.

What three foods that are good sources of starch?

A good source of starch can be found in pasta, potatoes, and bread.

What is a good way to lose weight besides exercising?

have to eat foods with low cholestrol

What are foods that are rich in starch?

The following foods have starch..................cornpotatoesplaintainspersimmonspastabeans and peasricecerealssugars of any sort (corn syrup, fructose, etc)flour and anything made out of it (bread, cookies, cake, etc)The following foods have HEALTHY starch:quinoaoatsbuckwheatbananassweet potatoesbeetrootsorangesblueberriesgrapefruitappleskidney beanschickpeas

What are some good rich fiber foods besides beans?

There are many other foods which are high in fiber. These include fruits such as pears, apples and raspberries. Another good choice are peas.