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The fundamentals of hitting can be broken down into various phases: stance, load, toe touch, heel plant, connection, bat lag, contact, extension and finish/follow through. Start at the bottom and work your way up when learning or teaching this skill. Balance and posture are keys to the rest of the hitting mechanic, along with tracking the ball all the way in to contact. See the ball, hit the ball!

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Q: What are fundamentals skills of softball?
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The fundamentals of softball are the same as this game?

A. Baseball

The fundamentals of softball are the same as the game?

A. Baseball

What are the fundamentals of softball and baseball?

The fundamentals are catching, throwing, hitting, and baserunning. I would also consider playing position as a fundamental in softball because there is a proper way of executing the playing positions on the field.

What are fundamentals of softball?

You get to hang out and meet new ppl. and just enjoy the sport of softball and work towards getting homeruns and things

What are 3 reliable sources for softball?

Im not aware of a lot of softball sites but this is what I always check out in terms of softball conditioning and a lot of softball tips on improving softball skills

What should you plan on doing as a player at softball practice?

you should expect running stretching fundamentals( fielding..etc)hitting

How do you become a WNBA star?

Work on your skills and fundamentals and be confident.

What does it take to be a pro WNBA?

Work on your skills and fundamentals and be confident.

Where do get the skills to be a pro softball player?

practicing a lot

What are the basic skills of softball?

Softball is like a sport very similar to baseball and cricket. It also involves around the same thing. I think the most important skills of playing softball is to be able to control the movement of the ball well when you whack it and be able to have good mastery over your softball bat. *Softball bats are made of metal. So, they kind of hurt when you hit someone or yourself with it.

Benefits of softball?

-Friendship -Technique -Teamwork skills -Strategy Skills -Hand eye co-ordination -Overall Health -Reaction Time Softball can benefit in all these areas .

What should I work on to make girls jv or varsity softball or a travel team?

Coaches like to see is sound fundamentals and a good attitude.