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you should expect running stretching fundamentals(


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Q: What should you plan on doing as a player at softball practice?
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Is baseball easier than softball?

no i do not think basball is harder then softball.. it seems like both of them are hard it just depends on how you play the sport and how you should be doing it...

When catching a softball above your waist your glove should be pointed up?

yes its hard to catch a pop fly without doing that

Are the establishments which are not giving a receipt committing a crime?

No. But, the practice should discourage customers from doing business with them.

How do you become a professional soccer player -?

LOTS OF PRACTICE !!! I'm doing soccer right now and it is a WORK OUT !! n

How flexible can you get by doing yoga?

Just practice practice practice and you WILL become flexible.

Should you tryout for softball if i have never played?

If you've never played I suggest playing in a recreational league before trying out. Softball can be a very dangerous sport if you don't know what you're doing. If you end up trying out, good luck.

What do major league ball players do doing practice time?


Should a babysitter practice babysitting?

A babysitter doesn't need to practice, but should run through what he/she is going to do, for example: What are you going to make for a meal, What are you going to play with?. So you don't need to practice but make sure you are sure on what you are doing and understand the concept of Babysitting.

Can you get the god while you doing hand practice?

No. The only thing you get while doing hand practice is a wet and sticky hand.

How should you practice badminton by yourself?

Try doing serves as short as you can then long hits to the back (backhand is better) Also hitting the shuttle against the wall is good practice.

What is a sacrifice in softball?

In softball when a coach or a player says scarifice to the batter they want you to make a scarafice bunt. when doing this bunt you want your player to square up when the pitcher is in her wind up, to get ready for the bunt. This play is extreamly imortant, in order for this to work the player must bunt the ball in order for the player on first to advnce to second. The player who does the bunt has very little to no chance of being safe. This play is intended to move players along the bases.

How can you become a very good magician?

Well you should practice a lot but not to much. then start doing shows for your family and then moving on.

Does anyone have instructions on how to do a wedge haircut?

yes they should because if there's no practice there's no perfect in your doing by junalyn loriega

How can you be in the Olympics?

You have to be good at what you are doing and practice a lot.

How many days Cristiano ronaldo been doing practice to come great soccer player?

about 20 year's (by the way I don't know)

Why should you join a sport?

to stay healthy, and it can keep you from violence because you dont have time to be doing bad things when you have practice everyday.

Should students have more or less homework?

Neither - kids should have just the right amount of homework to practice and help them learn, but not so much that they are exhausted from doing it.

How should you present a project?

It depends on what kind of project you are doing. When doing a oral book report you may want to pretend you are one of the characters from the book. But no matter what project you present, you should always do it with confendence. It helps if you practice as much as you can.

What one can do after doing a course in fashion designing?

I think after doing that ,you must practice more

Why is softball the best sport?

because it is really fun and one of the things that i will be doing for the rest of my life lol

Purdah is the Indian practice of doing which of these?

Secluding womenlOiDa ;)

In what ways do the hindus practice their faith?

by doing yoga

How do you practice sports?

You do different drills that help you practice basic skills of what ever sport your doing

How high should the tee for t-ball be if the child is 40 inches tall?

Well, I don't exactly know because I am a softball player, but you could try adjusting it alot. (we use tees in practice) Have him/her swing a couple times to see if he/she hits the tee. If so, its to high. Lower it a tad and have him/her swing some more. You should figure out the perfect height by doing that. Every kid is differant. Some like it high some like it low. I hope your child's tee ball team will win! Lots of Luck!

What is meant by been able to track the ball in softball?

Tracking the ball is looking at the ball as it approaches you.This happens when you bat. It's important to track the ball compared to guessing when swinging the bat to hit ball. This takes practice and focus on what you're doing.