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they are somer saults on the ground

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Q: What are forward rolls in gymnastics?
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What is the basic skills of gymnastics?

handstands, cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, backhandspring, fronthandspring, back and frontwalkovers, back and front tucks

What do you learn in recreational gymnastics in level 1?

You learn skills like forward & backward rolls, cartwheels, simple dance elements, jumps, and on bars pullovers and back hip circles.

What are the basic techniques of forward rolls?

What are the teaching points of a forward roll?

What are the three position in gymnastics?

Forward Roll, Cartwheel and Handstand

In gymnastics what is a swim through?

A 'swim-through' in gymnastics is where you forward roll in to straddle then lean forward so your stomach is on the ground then swing your legs round push up to press up position jump your legs in to squat and stand. It is harder then it sounds ;)

Why does a car rolls forward after parking?

you have to put your handbrake on and then it wont roll down the hill

What is topspin?

the movement in a ball that rolls forward, as opposed to side spin or back spin -in billiards when the cue strikes it above the centerline, so that after striking will cause the ball to travel forward. -in bowling, using the hand to lift and roll the ball forward, to accelerate the momentum forward. -ingolf, striking so the ball turns or rolls forward for additional yardage when landed and so forth in games of "ball"

What is the meaning of forward-backward rolls in gymnastics?

I think you might be talking about a backwards roll which is basically a roll from crouching where you lean backwards onto your shoulder and your arms are straightened, and you end up standing.

Who should do gymnastics?

anyone. Unlees you break your hand doing a forward roll like my best mate. But I do it and its great

What acrobatic movement would you be doing if you performed a somersault?

A forward roll is the gymnastics term, if that's what you're looking for.

What kind of tricks do you do in gymnastics?

WOW there are so many! Since I have done gymnastics for 4 years I can give you quite a few, there are backward/forward walkovers, forward/backward roll, layout, flickflack, handspring, round-off, cartwheel, full-twist, dive-roll and lots and lots more.

What is the easiest gymnastics trick?

The Forward roll is the easiest trick if you don't have to stand