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there are things like indooor hockey, curling, Basketball and many others. i used 2 live in Texas so there are the answers!

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Q: What are fall sports for high school girls in Texas?
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List of fall sports for girls?

At my school there is cross country, soccer, tennis, and swimming. Some schools have rugby or fall crew. Good luck, if your trying out for any:)

What sports can girls play with boys in the fall?

i would say soccer and/or football

When does school girls come out with Justin Bieber?

this fall

When do Houston Texas kids go back to school in the Fall?

they start school in the middle of August -- if you want to call that Fall?

Can you be eligble for fall sports if you missed almost a year of school and came back to school for a quarter?

Yes, you would be eligible for sports if you missed a year of school.

What sports do they play at American schools?

Football, basketball, cross country, soccer for boys and girls, softball, baseball, volleyball, tennis for boys and girls, golf for boys and girls, wrestling, cheerleading for fall and winter, and Track and field for boys and girls are all the sports for high school and college except in college there is also rugby, lacrose and other sprts like hockey. Some colleges don't have certain sports though.

What sports do young girls play with boys in fall?

some of my freinds are on a co-ed soccer team

Which states have high school girls soccer in the fall?

France,Portugal,and Spain

What Types of sport are played in school?

In high school sports are split into three seasons, fall sports, winter sports, and spring sports. Common sports are Track, baseball, football, softball, lacrosse, swimming& diving, tennis, volleyball, and feild hockey

Does Justin Bieber like girls that play sports?

Yeah he likes anyone girl he would fall in love with

What season is high school tennis in?

Girls- In fall is when the girls play Boys- In the spring is when the boys play Thats what i know

What are the high school fall sports?

Boys Tennis, Cross Country, Football, Cheerleading, Poms.

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