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some of my freinds are on a co-ed soccer team

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Q: What sports do young girls play with boys in fall?
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What sports can girls play with boys in the fall?

i would say soccer and/or football

What sports do they play at American schools?

Football, basketball, cross country, soccer for boys and girls, softball, baseball, volleyball, tennis for boys and girls, golf for boys and girls, wrestling, cheerleading for fall and winter, and Track and field for boys and girls are all the sports for high school and college except in college there is also rugby, lacrose and other sprts like hockey. Some colleges don't have certain sports though.

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It's a tribute to the young boys and girls that committed suicide due to bullying during the Fall of 2010.

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What season is high school tennis in?

Girls- In fall is when the girls play Boys- In the spring is when the boys play Thats what i know

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What are the high school fall sports?

Boys Tennis, Cross Country, Football, Cheerleading, Poms.

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Because they think that kissing a guy makes god happy

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When is high school volleyball season?

for girls, during the fall for boys, during the spring

When is the high school volleyball season?

for girls, during the fall for boys, during the spring

Should boys and girls have the same basketball season of the year?

Yes, they should. Basketball is the one sport that can last a long time, and because of this, winter is the perfect season. Fall is football season, and football and basketball are the two main sports that the students come to.