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the best trucks are speed demons because i have had some for5 years and nothing has happend to them and i skateboard all the time and they rock!

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โˆ™ 2009-03-19 03:48:14
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Q: What are best skateboard trucks?
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What are the best skateboard trucks for cruising and carving?

tenor trucks

What are the best trucks for a skateboard trick?

Venture (IMO)

What is the best skateboard truck?

i say the best trucks in the world ventures trucks cause i have them and they are really good and have good endurance!

What is the best brand of skateboard trucks?

venture trucks, no doubt about it death wish wheels with the venture trucks

What are the best skateboard trucks?

I like Paris and Independence Trucks. These are for long boards. Use Randall trucks for trick boards.

What liquid cleans chrome skateboard trucks the best?


Are silver trucks good for a skateboard?

they are good but i recomend independants, cuz they are the best

What is the best skateboard trucks?

independent, because they are guaranted for life and turn the best although they are pretty heavy

Do yo have to change skateboard truck to long board trucks if you put long board wheels on a skateboard?

No, my friend has a regular skateboard with longboard wheels and he has normal trucks. And I've done it before with my longboard and skateboard.

I have a Skateboard deck what is size 7.625 and there are no skateboard trucks which are size 7.625 so what size trucks should I buy?

Actually There are definitely trucks 7.65. Get those they are the closest.

Which skateboard trucks are better Thunders or Independents Tell why pros cons of both and overall feel of truck?

Thunders skateboard trucks feel like a planking balancing on a point thus making it better than the Independents skateboard trucks.

Are trucks vehicles?

Yes. Well, typically. There are trucks that are vehicles: pickups, flatbeads, rollbacks, box trucks, panel trucks, semi-trucks, etc. There are trucks that are carts, such as factory carts. There are also trucks beneath your skateboard; the axel and bracket that hold the skateboard wheels is called a truck.

What skateboard wheels are easier to turn on?

Wheels dont make a skateboard easier to turn on the skateboard trucks do that.

What size trucks for a 7.88 skateboard?

7.63 - 8.13 its best to to have .25 over or under your deck size

Which Skateboard trucks is best Venture Superlight or Venture V5?

superlights are better, V5 are too heavy

Will any skateboard trucks fit any skateboard wheels?

Yes, if you purchase or have any skateboard trucks they will fit any wheels. the bearings are the part that actually connects to the trucks. the bearings go in the wheels; the wheels with bearings go onto the trucks and are bolted on. -- everyday skater Blaze

Are 127mm trucks arlight on a 8 inch skateboard?

yes, a friend of mine's brother has 127mm trucks on an 8 inch skateboard and there fine

What are the best trucks for a skateboard?

I Would Say Royal,Grind King,Or,Independant Trucks There All Really Good Ive Been Skating On Royal Trucks For About 2 Years And They Still Look New And i Grind With Them ALLOT! So Get ROYAL,S! the best trucks are tensor trucks or independent no ventures are the best no doubt

How much are skateboard trucks?


What are skateboard trucks made of?

metal :)

What skateboard trucks are there in Singapore?


How many trucks does a skateboard have?


What are the lightest skateboard trucks made for 8.0 skateboards?

tensor magnesiam trucks

Are longer skateboard trucks better?

sure, if you like wide and low trucks

Where are the trunks on a skateboard?

There are no trunks on a skateboard, you are probably referring to the "trucks" which are the parts the wheels attatch to.