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amatteur Baseball players

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2012-05-21 14:00:45
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Q: What are baseball players called when they play for fun?
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What is the motivation for the players to play baseball?

I play baseball and I am motivated by how fun the game is and I really like it!

Why do you play smash-fest in 4 players?

For fun?

Is it fun to play baseball?

Yes, it can be.

Why do people play baseball?

Its a fun sport

What does Derek Jeter do for fun?

Play Baseball

What do the jappanesse do for fun?

Play soccer, baseball.

Is sports a game or a business?

Sports is actually both because some people play it for fun and other people play it for money like NBA players or NFL players.

Why people like to play baseball?

Because it's fun.

Why is baseball called national pastime and not national sport?

because it sucks No, it does not suck. It's an amazingly fun "game" to play, but I would dare calling it a sport. There is hardly any strenuous physical activity required. This makes people test their limits of spirit and mind which evokes competition, which a true sport has. I even recall seeing fat players in baseball teams, who probably gained a spot only for their batting skills. Baseball doesnt suck and it is a sport and it is a very fun sport to play and it is hard at points. baseball is called our national pastime for a reason many people do like to watch it and its not called our national sport because its not .

Did Garth brooks ever play professional baseball?

Garth brooks did not play p baseball he just played for fun :)

Why do American people play baseball?

Because baseball is a decent, fun, wholesome activity, something that all the family can attend or play.

What is a play called that makes fun of something?

It is called parody... You could've googled it....

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