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Its a fun sport

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Q: Why do people play baseball?
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Why people play baseball?

People play baseball because you can get plenty of exercise from it and it is a pleasure to play.

How many people play baseball in Panama?

Baseball is the national game of Panama. Many people play it.

Who would play baseball?

People who like baseball

Who started the piligrimage to Canterbury?

People went to Canterbury to play baseball People went to Canterbury to play baseball

How many people play outfield in baseball?

3 people play outfield.

What sport do most people play?

The Sport That People Play The Most Is BaseBall.

What sports do people play in florida?


When did black people start to play baseball.?

Jackie Chan was the first black to be believed to play baseball.

How many people watch baseball worldwide?

millions of people play baseball worldwide.

What sports do people in Panama play?

People in Panama play soccer, baseball, basketball, and some practice the triathalon. Baseball is the national sport.

Can you play baseball with two people?

Sure, people do it all the time.

What sports do people play in Italy?

they play baseball softball hockey and tennis.

What sports do the Cuban people like to play?

Cubans like to play baseball.

How many people in cuba play baseball?

a lot

What sport do people in Venezuela play?

Baseball and soccer

Is baseball anaerobic and why?

because people that play it are fat

How many sports do most people play?

most people play sports such as swimming, basketball, volleyball and baseball these are the most popular sports people play them.

What sports do people play in Asia?

they play baseball, and many other homie! <3

What do Turkish people play as sports?

They like to play football, baseball , tennis and basketball.

Do people that play baseball like playing it?

of course they do ,if they dont why are they even playing baseball

How many players play Baseball?

In The game of Baseball there are 9 people in the field at once

How many people play Kickball?

I would say 9, the same number of people that play baseball. Kickball is just like baseball, but you use your feet to hit.

How many people play on a baseball field at a time?


Why people like to play baseball?

Because it's fun.

What kind of sports do paraguay people play?

baseball and soccer