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this isn't all but there is the SEC, the PAC-10, the MAC, the BIG-10, the ACC, the WAC and a bunch more.

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Q: What are all the football conferences in college?
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How many conferences are in the NCAA?

There are 11 conferences in NCAA Division in which a college has a football team. The exist in all areas of the United States.

Where can you watch college football conferences?

College football conferences can be watched from various media and social media as well as video sharing websites such as Youtube, Facebook, Veoh, Dailymotion, Pro Football Daily and other websites that have snippets of football conferences.

How many sixteen team college football conferences are there?


Do any rules differ by conference in college football?

No, all conferences are governed by the same set of rules.

When was instant replay introduced in College football?

2004 in the Big 10 conference only and 2005 for all conferences.

How are college football conferences chosen or determined?

Each conference selects it's own membership. Institutions are invited to join by the other, existing members of a conference. Each member will remain a member of an athletic conference for as long as the institution desires to remain a member. Most college athletic conferences are all-sports or multi-sport conferences that extend beyond football.

What college football conferences has Southwestern University been affiliated with?

Southwestern University (in Georgetown TX) does not have a football team, therefore it is not affiliated with any football conference.

How many football conferences in college football?

in the FBS there are 11 conferences(SEC, ACC, big 10, big 12, pac-10, big east, C-USA, sun belt, MWC, WAC, and independents)

How many conferences are there in football?

11 conferences plus 1 independent

Which division 1 college basketball conferences have conference tournaments?

All of them.

Which sports network carries college football highlights?

ESPN carries in depth college football highlights, with several programs devoted entirely to game recaps during the regular season. There are also several networks devoted to specific college football conferences, such as the SEC network. All of these networks also have highlights, but only of their area of focus.

Do all college football players get to play in the NFL?

No. Not all college football players go to the NFL, not even all division 3 college football players go into the NFL

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