What are the footwork of tennis?

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Keep your feet moving. at all time when you play

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Q: What are the footwork of tennis?
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Why is tennis exercise?

you use footwork

What is the best cross training for tennis?

You should probably practice soccer because it emphasizes good footwork, which is critical in tennis.

How you do hard hitter in virtua tennis 3?

Strokes: 35 Serve: 27 Volley: 29 Footwork 29

Why is footwork important in table tennis?

Good footwork is essential in modern table tennis. It enables you to reach the ball quicker and more easily, which in turn enables you to play a greater variety of strokes. Additionally, good footwork enables you to play a better stroke and place your return more accurately, which puts your opponent under time pressure. It's also important to remember that good footwork will enable you to remain well balanced at all times whilst playing your strokes.

What the correct footwork for basketball?

There is no correct footwork. The footwork is different for everyone, as the size of the players are different. It also depends on what they are doing. Footwork for posting up is different for the footwork of a layup.

What does tennis requires?

Serious tennis requires stamina, good sportsmanship, and time to practice seriously. Fun tennis requires only an able body. Besides tennis, requires coaches, access to courts and tournaments. Footwork is key as well. I am an able tennis player who plays norcal tournaments.

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What are the release dates for Footwork - 1929?

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What happens if you use incorrect footwork in netball?

if you use incorrect footwork in netball, your opponant will be awarded a free pass! :)

What are the release dates for Football Footwork - 1932?

Football Footwork - 1932 was released on: USA: 19 November 1932

Why is footwork not allowed in netball?

its a rule

What move do you get after footwork in adventure quest worlds?

depends on what class your talking about, for pirate and ninja footwork are the final skills you only have 4

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