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Still used as an Olympic pool for practice and events.

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Q: What happens to the Olympic pool when all games finish?
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Related questions

How long is a London olympic pool?

In the London 2012 Olympic Games the pool is 50 m length.

How long is the Beiging Olymipic Games swimming pool?

The pool is standard Olympic size: 50 meters The pool is standard Olympic size: 50 meters

How many feet was the water polo pool in the 2012 Olympic games?

12.8 meters. It depends on the Olympic water polo pool it is.

How deep is the olympic swimming pool in the 2012 olympic games in London?

16 feet

How many laps is 500 meters?

It depends on which pool you swim in. If it is a 25m pool then it will take 20 laps to finish but if it is in a 50 meter pool, which is Olympic size, it will be 10 laps to do 500 meters.

What is the name of the pool which was created for the Olympic Games 2008?

Water Cube

What size of semi Olympic pool?

50m for full Olympic pool. 25m for half of a Olympic pool

What is the name of the pool which was created specificaly to olympic games 2008?

water cube

What is the name of the pool created specifically to Olympic Games 2008?

It is the Water Cube

What was the name of the pool which was created specifally for the Olympic games in 2008?

Water Cube

What is the name of pool which was created specificaly to olympic games 2008?

water cube

How long is a olympic size pool?

Jump to: navigation, searchAn Olympic-size swimming pool is the type of swimming pool used in the Olympic Games and other "long course" events (meaning 50 meters in length and not 25 meters or 25 yards). The size is commonly used as a casual measure of volume

What is temperature for Olympic pool?

what is the temperature for olympic pool

What is the name of the pool which was created specifically for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games?

Water cube

When was olympic swimming invented?

Swimming pool sports started from Britain around 1830, but first swimming pools games started in Olympic in 1896.

How many lanes are there in a semi Olympic sized swimming pool?

In a normal Olympic Pool there are 10 lanes. I'm not too sure what a semi Olympic pool is!

How many yards is an olympic sized pool?

An Olympic sized pool is 50m

How many feet long is an Olympic pool?

an olympic pool is 82.02 feet

How many laps are one mile in an olympic size pool?

32 in a 50metere (Olympic pool)

Should you say Semi or olympic pool or half olympic pool?

Neither. Say, "25 metre pool".

What happens when the alkalinity is too low in a swimming pool?

The water becomes aggressive and attacks anything with which it comes in contact. Not a good environment for the pool finish or the equipment.

When was first Olympic swimming pool built?

the 1st olympic swimming pool was in 1899.

How much does an indoor Olympic size pool cost?

$120 A Bottom Surface SF ANSW:: most people refer to a 20 x 40' residential pool as an Olympic pool... IT IS NOT AN OLYMPIC POOL size pool and nowhere near it. The 20 x 40' pool would fit several times inside an Olympic.

What is the temperature of the Olympic pool?

The temperature of an olympic pool is kept at 25-28C (77-82F)

What is the difference between an Senior Olympic Pool and a Olympic Pool?

One is bigger than the other