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Q: What age did daewon song start skating?
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When did Mao Asada start figure skating?

She start ice skating at the age 5.

When did Kristina Groves start skating?

Kristina Groves started skating at age 11.

When do you start taking figure skating lessons?

You can start taking skating lessons at any age. There are toddlers that skate, and grandparents that skate.

Minimum age to start roller skating?


At what age did Rob Dyrdek start skating?

he was 11 when he started skating, and first got sponsored at 12

What is the minimum age to start speed skating in the Olympics?

8 is the best because your getting to the age where you start to know things.

What is the average age start ice skating?

4 or 5 i'd say.

What age did Tony Hawk start to skate?

He started skating at the age of 9 when his brother gave him a blue fiberglass Banana Board.

When did Tony Hawk start skate boarding?

Tony Hawks started skating at the age of 9. He was crowned vertical skating world champion 12 years in a row.

What is the minimum age to start speed skating?

There is no minimum age. As long as you can skate, you can speed skate. Honestly, if your 1 years old, but yo can stand on skates and move forward... You could sign up for your local speed skating club.

The song at the start of wildboyz?

The Age Of Pamparius by Turbonegro

Is 17 too late to start figure skating if I've done dancing and gymnastics?

Definately not. If you want to start, go ahead. If you find the right age group go for it

When did mike mo start skating?

Mike mo is an awesome skater and his awesomeness started at the age of 9. Although in his Sponsor me Tape on youtube it says "Years skating- 2" and he looks about 18 in the video.

What is the legal age to be in figure ice skating?

you can actually be any age. there are even infants that are in figure skating at the place i go & the one i used to go to.

When did Mozart start composing?

He rote his first song at age fifteen

What age do you have to stop figure skating?

There is no exact age in which you should quit figure skating. =) *WANT MORE INFORMATION? SEND ME LALALAITSMEH A MESSAGE! THANKS*

Do you have to be a certain age to go ice skating?


Is ice skating to childish for 14 year olds?

there is no age to stop skating. just enjoy what you do :)Edit: Yes,there is no age group to stop skating. There are many ice skaters that are older, way older, then 14 years of age.

What age does Michelle kwan becomes a skater?

she starts ice skating at age 5.

What is the age requirement for Olympic figure skating?


What actors and actresses appeared in Skating Before The Fabulous Ice Age - 2013?

The cast of Skating Before The Fabulous Ice Age - 2013 includes: Dick Button as himself Paul Deloca as himself

How old do you have to be for roller skating?

I have taught kids as young as three and adults' as old as 87 how to roller skate!! I

Is 14 still a possible age to compete in ice skating?


What age did Bob Marley start singing?

bob marley made his first song when he 17 1962

What is olympic age requirement for figure skating?

you must be 2 years or under