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There are several different ways to get to first base. One is if you hit the ball and make it safely to first without getting tagged or thrown out. Another way is being walked. This means the pitcher throws you 4 balls. In some leagues, if you strike out and the catcher drops the third strike, you can also run to first. This can only happen when there is no one on first base. The catcher can tag you or throw you out.

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Q: What Ways can you get to first base in softball?
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How many bases are in softball?

there are 4 bases in softball, homeplate, first base, second base, third base...

First base in softball what does it do what does it mean?

First base is the base you run to after you hit the ball.

What is the only base that can be overrun in softball?

first base

What base is always an force out in softball?

first base.

What the only base to always have a force out in softball?

First base

What base does a fielder never have to tag a base runner in softball?

First base.

What a forced run in softball?

when someone hits the softball and and the person on first, second, and third base has to run tothe next base

Who stands on the first base stands in softball?


What is the most important posission in softball?

the most important position in softball is deffinatley first base.

What is a base runner in softball?

after you hit the ball, you run to first base and you are a baserunner..

What do you do when you get hit by a fastpitch softball?

Go to first base.

What Number of bases are there in softball?

Three. First base, second base and third base. Home plate is not a base.

If a batter swings at a pitch in the dirt and it is the third strike and also the third out can the batter run to first base?

In softball yes.. if first base is not occupied.... but it depends on baseball and softball and what leval you play at

How far is first base from second base in fast pitch softball?

60 feet

How far from third base to first base in softball?

if your running the bases it is 120 feet

The distance between home base to first base on a softball field?

60 feet

Can you slide to first base in fast pitch softball?

yes but not head first

What position in softball is between first and second base?


What is the distance between first base and second base in softball?

all of the bases are 60 feet

What is the distance between first base and third base in softball?

84 Feet 10 inches

What is the throwing distance between third base and first base on a softball field?

84.9 FT

Is a base hit when the batter makes it to first base in softball?

It can be. A base hit is just when you hit the ball, and get on base without getting out.

Can you slide into first base in girls softball?

I believe, yes and no, in fast pitch travel softball you are aloud to dive into 1st

Whats an extended first base in softball?

An extended first based in softball is known as a double bag as well. It is an orange bag that is in foul territory. A runner that is running straight through first base is entitled to the orange base, leaving the first baseman the white base to make the play. This is just to prevent unnecessary collisions at first base, as a safety precaution. It is an optional addition to fields.

Is a base runner out if he leaves first base after being called safe?

In both baseball and softball, a runner is allowed to touch first base and keep on running and then come back to first base. He stays in foul territory. Then he comes back. The umpire calls him safe as long as he gets to the base before the ball does. In both baseball and softball, he comes back to the base. In baseball, he can leave the base, in softball he can not. In softball, he must be on the base while the pitcher has the ball until the ball is almost over home plate. In baseball, he can start running at anytime. If he starts too soon, the catcher can signal him to throw the ball to the first baseman and if the ball gets there, the first baseman will tag him out. It is called a pick off.