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BYU currently holds the longest home game winning streak in College Football with 18 wins

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Q: What University currently owns the longest home game winning streak in Division 1 football?
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Who has the longest current winning streak in NCAA division 1 football?

The Ohio Stat university with 17 wins longest current winning streak in division 1 ncaa football

What is the longest winning streak in ncaa division 1 baseball?

i believe it is currently longwood university at 13

Which team has the Longest division 3 football current losing streak?

University of Puget Sound. 22 losses

Who are the longest active NCAA football coaches?

the longest active ncaa D1 coach in football is Joe Paterno from Penn State University. Joe Paterno has one many division one titles, and recently in 2006 has gone against Bobby Bowden who was the recent coach for Florida State University and when they played they were number 1 and number 2 in the longest tenur at any school in division 1 football.

Longest current college football winning streak?

As of December 10, 2011, the longest streak is 44 games by the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater. They currently hold 2 consecutive NCAA Division III championships and will vie for a third in a row on December 16th at the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl.

What team in any division of college football currently has the longest losing streak?

Heading into the 2008 season Southern Methodist, Idaho and Minnesota share the nation's longest losing streak at 10 games.

What Division 1A college football quarterback holds the longest winning streak?

Chuck Ealey, University of Toledo'69-'71, 35-0

Who are the longest serving active coach in division 1 football?

The oldest coach in Division 1, is Head Football Coach at The University of Florida Atlantic. He is 77 years of age. Joe Paterno was the active oldests coach at 84, before retiring.

Which division 1a college football team has the longest streak of missing a bowl game?

currently, the New Mexico State Aggies football program hasn't been to a bowl game since 1960 (Sun Bowl)

Which division 1 college football team has the longest current home winning streak?

The University of Miami with an NCAA record of a 58 home game winning streak.

Who is the longest serving division 1 football coach?

Joe Paterno

What is the longest winning streak in the university of Georgia football?


What university has the longest football season winning streak?


Who are Rutgers rivals?

The university has historic rivalries with Lafayette College, Lehigh University, Princeton University and Columbia University (formerly King's College) originating from the early days of college football. Rutgers has a men's basketball rivalry with Seton Hall University and has developed growing rivalries with the University of Connecticut and Syracuse University in all sports. The university's longest active football rivalry is with Navy (dating back to 1891). This rivalry stems from Navy and Rutgers being two of the only three programs (the third is Army) to come out of the original, informal "Ivy League" that are still members of the top tier of NCAA college football (currently Division I-FBS).

Which Division 2 college football team has the longest losing streak?

Lock Haven

Who has the third longest tenure at a university as football coach?

Mack Brown

What NCAA Division you basketball team has the longest losing streak in history?

towson university

What is the longest currently active home win streak in NCAA Division I Men's Basketball?

Utah state

Longest current ncaa football winning streak?

The current longest NCAA Football winning streak (in Division-1) is owned by the Florida State Seminoles of the ACC (16-games) followed by the Michigan State Spartans of the Big-10 (10-games). However, if Division-2 is included, the longest NCAA Football winning streak is owned by. North Dakota State of the MVC, sitting at 24-consecutive wins (the only team in any division with more consecutive victories than Florida State)

What football team reigned the longest in the English 1st division?

Arsenal is the only club in the E.P.L.ho have never been relegated, so they have the longest reign in England.

Who has the longest current winning streak in college baseball?

As of Apr 18, 2013, Bryant University has the longest Division I baseball winning streak, which is 19.

Longest current losing streak ever in college football?

Indiana State University

What NCAA football team has the longest consecutive road losing streak?

University of Colorado

What college football team has the longest streak without getting shut out?

Longest streak goes to BYU Do not currently know who has the longest current streak

What division 1 college basketball team has the longest home game win streak?

University of Kansas