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It's a sport. Why is any sport played?

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Q: Why is cricket played?
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Why is cricket played in England?

Cricket is not played in England its played in India!

What is place where cricket is played?

cricket is played in stadiums.There are many stadiums for cricket in different countries.

What country was cricket first played?

England played cricket first.

Where do cricket play?

cricket is played in stadium.

When was cricket officially played?

Cricket was officially played in India in 1799 at Bombay.

What is the name of the place where cricket is played?

Cricket Ground

Have England ever played cricket in Scotland?

Yes England have played cricket in Scotland.

When and where was cricket first played in Australia?

It was played in 1854 in the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

Which sport will be played at lords cricket ground this year?


In what country was cricket first played?

Cricket was originated from England

What name is given to the cricket played by women?

Women's cricket.

Who Played Higest Cricket Match?

sachin tendulkar from india played highest cricket matches

What sport is played at Lord's in North London?

Cricket is played at Lord's Cricket Ground in North London. Lord's is an abbreviation for Lord's Cricket Ground.

Is cricket played in the field?

Yes cricket is played outside either in a field or in an arena depending on who is playing.

What are the three main types of cricket played in the world?

There are limited over cricket, test match cricket and one day cricket

What movie and television projects has Wasim Akram been in?

Wasim Akram has: Played himself in "Channel Nine Cricket" in 1979. Played himself in "Reliance World Cup Cricket 1987" in 1987. Played Himself - Commentator in "Sky Sports Cricket" in 1990. Played himself in "Legends of Cricket: India" in 2008. Played himself in "Legends of Cricket: Pakistan" in 2008.

What sports are played in England but not played in France?


Who has played the most cricket games against Australia?

Cricket is a game played with a ball and bat, where the pitcher bowls the ball to the batter. England has played the most cricket games against Australia.

Indian criketers names who played international cricket?

name of Indian cricket players those played in 1977

Where is stick cricket played?

The Sport of Stick Cricket is a little deceiving. Cricket is popular in England, but stick cricket is played primarily online, by stick figures. Apps can be downloaded to various tablets and smartphones.

What country was cricket first played in? suprised they are still rubbish at cricket

How cricket invented?

cricket was invented when they played a game with a stick and a ball then stumps

Which Indian cricket player played cricket for both India and England?


Who was the oldest cricket player played in world cup cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar

What months is cricket played?