What Soccer team plays in NY?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: What Soccer team plays in NY?
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Who plays soccer at anfield?

The soccer team that plays at Anfield is Liverpool.

What country does Robinho play for?

Robinho is a soccer player who plays for Milan soccer team and also plays for the Brazilian National soccer team. The country Robinho plays for is Brazil.

What is every soccer team?

Every soccer team has 11 players. Every soccer team plays on a field that is in the shape of a rectangle. Every team has a goal to protect.

Where is Argentina soccer team staying when playing in NY?

queens st

Does carli Lloyd still plays for US national team?

no she plays for alanta soccer team

What is a primer soccer team?

a team that plays in England's Premier League

What is lazio soccer team?

Lazio is an Italian soccer club that plays in the Serie A.

Does Midwestern State University have a soccer team?

Yes they do (Men & Women). I have a friend that plays on the woman's soccer team.

What Is the name of a soccer team that starts with z?

The Zachary Broncos Soccer Team plays for Zachery High School in Zachery, LA. The Zeeland Chix Soccer Team plays for Zeeland East High School in Zeeland, Michigan.

Name of the soccer team who plays for Australia?


What soccer team is caca on?

Kaka plays for the football team real Madrid

Which team does kaka plays for?

Real Madrid, he also plays for Brazil or brasil's world cup soccer team.