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Josh becket

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Q: What Red Sox pitcher has the most opening day starts?
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What Red Sox pitcher has the most career starts?

Through the 2009 season, that is Tim Wakefield with 388.

Who pitched Mn twins pitcher opening day shutout?

Santana...shut out the Red Sox...

How long will red wine last after opening?

Red wine if kept corked on a counter, or white wine kept cork in the fridge will last 3-5 days. A week at the very most. After that it starts to taste like vinegar. Yuck!

What Red Sox pitcher has the most career wins against the Yankees?

Curt Schilling

Which Boston Red Sox pitcher has the most wins in history?

Through the 2008 season, Roger Clemens and Cy Young are tied for most career wins by a Red Sox pitcher with 192 . As of 2010, Tim Wakefield has 172.

What baseball players name starts with a Q?

Chad Qualls is a pitcher for the Houston Astros. Humberto Quintero is a catcher in the Boston Red Sox organization. Jose Quintana is a pitcher for the Chicago White Sox.

What is the name of a colonial cow name that starts with red?

the colonial cow that starts with red is red Devon the colonial cow that starts with red is red Devon

Who pitched the opener for the yanks at the old Yankee stadium?

Opening day at Yankees Stadium on April 18, 1923 the Yankees beat the Red Sox 1- 0. The winning pitcher was Bob Shawkey, and the losing pitcher was Howard Ehmke.

When was the Red Sox opening day in 2012?

Opening day for the Red Sox was April 13, 2012.

Which left handed pitcher has most wins for Red Sox?

Lefty Grove, a left-handed pitcher, had the most wins for the Red Sox. Lefty was born on March 6, 1900 in Lonaconing, Maryland. He died at the age of 75, on May 22, 1975.

What red vegetable starts with a b?

A beet is a red vegetable that starts with a b.

What Boston Red Sox pitcher has the most losses in a single season?

Red Ruffing. Ruffing holds the Red Sox record for most losses in a season with 25 in 1928. His record that season was 10-25.

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