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Luis Tiant with 122 between 1971-1978.

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Q: What Boston Red Sox pitcher had the most wins in the 1970s?
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Which Boston Red Sox pitcher has the most wins in history?

Through the 2008 season, Roger Clemens and Cy Young are tied for most career wins by a Red Sox pitcher with 192 . As of 2010, Tim Wakefield has 172.

NFL most wins in the 1970s?


What pitcher has the most World Series wins?

Whitey Ford has the most career World Series wins for a pitcher with 10.

Who was the only Chicago Cubs pitcher to lead the national league in victories in the 1970s?

Fergie Jenkins with 24 wins in 1971.

What pitcher have the Most wins baseball pitcher?

Cy Young 511

Most wins by a pitcher?

Cy Young. 511 career wins

What pitcher had the most wins in 1980s?

Jack Morris with 162 wins

Most wins by a pitcher ever?

Cy Young 511 wins ...

What Pitcher most losses most wins consecutive seasons?

Cy young had both wins and loses ...

Which pitcher has the most wins in a season from 1950 on?

In 1968, Detroit's Denny McLain recorded 31 wins; the most by any player since 1950. McLain was the last pitcher to reach 30 wins in a season.

Which Boston Celtics coach had the most regular season wins?

Red Auerbach had the most regular season wins of any Boston Celtics coach with at 795.

Most wins by a starting pitcher in a season?

Old Hoss Radbourn has the most wins in a single season with 59 wins in the year 1884.

Who holds record for most wins as a pitcher?

Cy Young. He also holds the record for the most losses as a pitcher.

What pitcher has the most wins as an Atlanta Brave?

Warren Spahn has 356 wins as a Brave.

Who holds mlb record for most career wins as a pitcher?

Cy Young.511 wins 316 losses.who holds the record for most wins and most losses.

Most wins by MLB pitcher?

Cy Young.

What pitcher has the most wins as a Met?

tom seaver

Who has the most wins as a Met's pitcher?

Tom Seaver.

What major league baseball pitcher has the most postseason wins?

Andy Pettitte has the most career postseason wins with 18.

Most consecutive wins in a row in a nhl season?

Boston Bruins - 23 wins

What oriole rookie pitcher has most wins ever?

Wally Bunker with 19 wins in 1964.

The most World Series wins?

The Yankees have the most with 27 wins.Pitcher to have the most wins: Whitney Ford.

Which pitcher has the second most World Series wins?

Through the 2008 season, Red Ruffing, Allie Reynolds, and Bob Gibson are tied for second most World Series wins by a pitcher with 7.

What pitcher has most wins in MLB history?

cy young.

Pitcher Most cubs wins?

It is greg maddux with 367.