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the answer is "rosette

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Q: What Ornament or badge is popular with soccer fans?
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Does Italy have a lot of soccer fans?

Soccer is very popular in Italy and there are many fans of the game

What sports are popular in kiribati?

soccer, most countries are big fans of soccer.

Does soccer have more fans than American football?

Yes, by far, soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Note that for such fans, soccer is football. The only country that has am. football is surely USA. so soccer fans are amazingly huge .

Which sport has the most number of fans world wide?

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. So it would be logic that soccer would have the most fans.

Is cricket is better then soccer?

It is alot less popular in the ways that there are more soccer players and there is more soccer fans than cricket also.

What is the popularity of soccer?

soccer is much more popular than any sport. 60,000,000,000 people have been soccer fans over the last 30 years.

Which sport is most popular cricket or socer?

Some say soccer is most popular, some say cricket is more popular. But soccer is more popular in terms of fans. Soccer is played in more than half of the total countries in the world. Cricket is very popular in the countries in which it is played. International Cricket is played by about 20 countries.

Why is soccer hated?

Soccer is actually the worlds most popular sport with about 250 million players and more than a billion fans world wide. Even in the US where american football, baseball, and basketball are more popular to watch, soccer is among the most popular sports for children to play.

Why are baseball and soccer popular sports?

soccer is a popular sport because it is world wide and people like to play it. it has been around for a long time and the longer it has been around the more fans it has gotten. baseball is only popular in America and japan. soccer is way better than baseball anyway.

How many fans do soccer have worldwide?

You probably meant "How many fans does soccer have worldwide?".

How many soccer fans in china?

Hundreds of millions of soccer fans. But they do not have a well-known team.

Who buys soccer memoribilia?

Soccer fans.

What is the popular sport in the whole word?

The most popular sport in the world is football (soccer) football has mass amounts of fans in every continent on the planet and in most countries

What is the future need for pro soccer players?

Probably so that sports fans can watch it, maybe it will become more popular etc.

Which soccer player is the most well known?

Generally speaking, David Beckham for all people, soccer fans or not. Cristiano Ronaldo for all soccer fans.

What has the author Ulrich Pramann written?

Ulrich Pramann has written: 'Fussball Fans' -- subject(s): Soccer, Soccer fans, Social aspects of Soccer

What was the most popular sport in the world in 2012?

The most popular sport in the world was soccer with about 3-3.5 billion fans and over 250 million players in over 250 countries.

Why do soccer fans hate it when the opposing team parks the bus?

Soccer fans hate when the opposing team parks the bus because they fail to enjoy the attacking aspect of soccer.

Is Nascar more popular than football?

Yes it is. Heck, no! * The amount of fans for NASCAR are about the same for pro football. Not exactly.. Nascar has more fans than football, seeing how the people in other countries who are football fans are actually "soccer fans"

Could girls like soccer?

Yes, girls could like soccer. Remember that there are many popular soccer players who are females. Hence, girls can also be huge fans of soccer. You can notice that when you're watching a match, you will notice that not all the fans watching the soccer game are males. Black10 says: I'm sorry, but do you live under a rock? I'm a girl and I don't like soccer, I love soccer. Boys might be more physical in the game, but girls happen to be much meanier in soccer and believe me male or female can be the most competitive people you'll ever meet.

What games do you play in Saudi Arabia?

The most popular sport plane in Saudi Arabia is undoubtedly soccer ( football). The Saudis are avid fans of this sport.

Which sports have the most fans?

Soccer by far, about 3.7 billion fans worldwide

Who are the best soccer fans in the world?

Celtic F.c - Best Fans In The World!

Why is it important to everyone else that the soccer team win?

Because many soccer teams in other countries are very popular, so their fans want to support them. It's the same reason that we like for our football team to win.

Which sport has the most fans?